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1KV intermediate joints

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1KV intermediate joints

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Today we are talking about 1KV intermediate joints, also can be called 1kv intermediate connections. It can be divided into heat shrinkable and cold shrinkable intermediate joints according to their materials.
Next, let's talk about 1kv cold shrinkable intermediate joints, which are often used at 0.6/1KV, from two cores to five cores. Cold shrinkable products are made of silicone rubber. After a series of special production processes, cold shrinkable products are easy to operate and do not need to use heating tools. The main operation is to put the accessories on the quilt and gently extract the white plastic support bar to complete the installation.
After talking about the 1kv cold shrinkable intermediate joints, let’s talk about the 1kv heat shrinkable intermediate joints, which often used at the 0.6/1KV intermediate joints, from two cores to five cores. Heat shrinkable products are made of PE, EVA and other materials. After a series of processing techniques, operators need to heat up during construction. Then it can be tightly wrapped on the quilt object, which also plays a role in the insulation, corrosion and leakage protection.
The applicable square of 1KV intermediate joints is 10-16mm2 for 0#, 25-50mm2 for 1#, 70-120mm2 for 2#, 150-240mm2 for 3#, and 300-400mm2 for 4#, whether it is cold shrinkable or heat shrinkable, both have their own advantages, and customers can choose according to their own needs.

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