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Cold & heat shrink insulation tubes

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Cold & heat shrink insulation tubes

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Today, let’s talk about insulation tube. Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. has two types, cold shrink insulation tubes and heat shrink insulation tubes, which we collectively called cold & heat shrink insulation tubes.
Let's talk about cold shrink insulation tubes first. It is made of silicone rubber materials. Because of its special and complicated processing technology, cold shrink insulation tubes are particularly simple, convenient and quick to install and operate. Operators only need to gently extract the white plastic support bar inside the tube during construction to make cold shrinkable accessories fit tightly on the quilt cover.
The length of 1kv and 10kv cold shrink insulation tubes of Suzhou Feibo is 400mm, and the length of 35kv is 500mm. The lengths mentioned above are conventional lengths. If customers need to specify the length, as a manufacturer with more than ten years of production experience, Suzhou Feibo can accept customization. If you need to customize, there will be a certain production cycle, this need customers to understand this situation.
Next, let’s talk about heat shrink insulation tube. It is made of PE, EVA and other materials through special production and processing. It has the characteristic of being heated to shrink and wrap tightly on the quilt object. It has the functions of insulation, anti-corrosion, leakage prevention and protection, also has the functions of decoration and beauty in life.
Heat shrink insulation tubes are the same as cold shrink insulation tubes in terms of withstand voltage. They are divided into 1kv, 10kv, and 35kv, the length of 1kv heat shrink insulation tubes is 600mm; the length of 10kv heat shrink insulation tubes is 650mm and the length of 35kv heat shrink insulation tubes is 800mm.

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