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The price of cable connectors

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The price of cable connectors

Release date:2021-01-28 author:admin Click:

Today we talk about the price of cable connectors. In order to let customers understand more quickly, we introduce the price of cable connectors in two parts. The first part is the cable connectors, the second part is the price.
Let's talk about the price of cable connectors of cold shrinkable ones. Generally speaking, the material of cold shrinkable cable connectors is silicone rubber. After a series of special processing techniques, the operator needs to extract the white plastic support strips during construction, so that cold shrinkable accessories will rely on its own high elasticity to tightly wrap the cable and keep the same breathing function with the cable.
Next, let’s talk about the price of cable connectors of heat shrinkable ones. Heat shrinkable cable connectors are made of PE, polyolefin and other materials, and have the feature of being heated to shrink tightly when heated. Our commonly used heating tool is the hot air gun. In use, we need to pay attention to: because it is artificially heated and contracted, it should be heated at a uniform rate during operation to make it evenly heated and contracted.
Finally, the price of cable connectors, different materials are different. As far as cold shrinkable and heat shrinkable materials are concerned, the former will be higher. In addition to the material that affects the price, there is also the cold and heat shrinkable products of different quality under the same material will also affect the price.

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