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Transparent heat shrink tube

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Transparent heat shrink tube

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Transparent heat shrink tube is a kind of heat shrink tube of different colors. It cannot be regarded as the regular color, but it also has relative market demand.
Suzhou Feibo is a manufacturer of cold and heat shrinkable products in Suzhou. The heat shrinkable products we produce are made of PE, which is one kind of many heat shrinkable materials. Transparent heat shrink tube is mainly based on its color, not limited to the product itself. Materials, except for PE heat shrink tubes, PET, PTFE and other materials all have the transparent color. Heat shrink tubes of different materials have different product characteristics and can play different roles, customers can choose by themselves.
Transparent heat shrink tube, PE materials, softness is its main features. Compared with other colors, transparent heat shrink tube will be softer, because the produced tube has requirements for transparency, the product formula will be adjusted appropriately, some of the original ingredients will be discarded, and the purity will be higher. Customers can rest assured that whether it is the transparent heat shrink tube, or heat shrink tube of other colors, or the custom-colored heat shrink tube, there is no difference in production steps, packaging methods, etc., including granulation, extrusion, irradiation, expansion and other processes, only according to different colors, there are differences in the color ratio in the early stage.
When producing transparent heat shrink tube, there are certain production difficulties, because transparent color is a special color, just a little bit of other colors will affect it. Before production, the machine needs to be rinsed clean to ensure that the color is pure. Therefore, when selling externally, the price of transparent heat shrink tube will be higher than that of ordinary heat shrink tube.
Transparent heat shrink tube, as a manufacturer, its market demand is lower than other conventional color products. If manufacturer has a large-scale inventory, there may be sales pressure. Transparent heat shrink tube is available in Suzhou Feibo’s warehouse, if the customer is in small batch, we can arrange to send out the demand. If the demand is in large quantities, we need to arrange production, and customers need to communicate with our sales staff in advance to confirm the delivery time.

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