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Wordless heat shrink tube

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Wordless heat shrink tube

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Wordless heat shrink tube is actually the ordinary heat shrink tube we often said, but there is no printing on the surface of the tube, which does not reflect the product specifications.
Wordless heat shrink tube is no different from the ordinary printed heat shrink tube. The production process is the same. First, PE, EVA and other raw materials are mixed with different color masterbatches to make raw material particles, and then extruded, it is made into a continuous tubular object, presenting the initial extrusion state. At this time, the product cannot be contracted and needs to be irradiated by a third-party electron accelerator, which is referred to as irradiation. After the irradiation, the molecular structure of the tube changes, which has the shrinking effect. And then expand the product, the heat shrink tube purchased by customers is the expanded product. It can be used with external heating tools, such as hot air guns, ovens, etc. If customers feel that these tools are not convenient for daily operations, also can choose daily heating tools, hair dryers, lighters, etc. are good choices. Heat shrink tube will shrink when exposed to heat and fully shrink to the extruded state. The product shrink ratio is 2:1.
Generally speaking, after the completion of the production process, we will have the product printing process, but the wordless heat shrink tube will omit this process, regardless of the printed and wordless heat shrink tube, in the product production process, the quality control and other aspects are the same. Printed heat shrink tubes are mostly used in professional fields, such as power companies, complete electrical appliances manufacturers, etc., because the printed content includes product performance and specifications, which is convenient for users to distinguish; but the wordless heat shrink tube is more inclined to daily use, some customers feel that the surface printing affects the aesthetics of the product.
Different customers have different requirements and uses for heat shrink tube. For different needs, Suzhou Feibo, as a manufacturer, has the distinction of printed and wordless heat shrink tube to meet customer requirements as much as possible.

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