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About the introduction of car ties

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About the introduction of car ties

Release date:2021-03-03 author:admin Click:

Car cable ties must maintain two characteristics in order to work normally all year round: bump resistance and high temperature resistance. We know that the engine will generate heat during the operation of the car, and this heat will be dissipated into the surrounding space through the heat sink. Therefore, as the binding parts of many lines and tubes of the car, the car cable tie must be able to withstand higher The temperature and the large anti-turbulence ability.
Most car cable ties are of plastic type. This kind of cable ties are usually used in the various integrated wiring harness parts of the car. One is for the purpose of organizing and the other is for the fastening and connection. Under these two functions It is possible to connect all the components of the car into a tight whole.
Let's talk about the requirements of the car's working conditions on the car cable tie. The car engine emits a lot of heat during the working process. Usually the temperature under the casing is quite high. Therefore, the car cable tie is required to have the ability to withstand high temperatures. In addition, the car will encounter it on any road, so in many cases , The tensile strength of the car cable tie must be high, so as to ensure that the components will not loosen during operation and ensure driving safety.
In addition to plastic car cable ties, stainless steel car ties are also ubiquitous. Although plastic car cable ties are the most widely used in automobiles, stainless steel car cable ties are also used in various parts of the car, such as the strapping parts of the exhaust pipe. The welding method was usually used in the past, which was neither durable nor durable. It's not cheap. Don't completely solve this problem when using car cable ties.
We know that the sealing and dustproof requirements of the cable tie to the automobile drive shaft box are very high, and the usual fasteners cannot achieve absolute sealing. This requires the use of car cable ties. Stainless steel cable ties give it both tightness. It can also reduce production costs.
The above is the introduction of two different materials of car ties. Don’t look at the car cable ties as a small part of the production, but there is a lot of knowledge, and this little thing plays a big role in the smooth running of the car. 

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