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Cold and heat shrinkable products

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Cold and heat shrinkable products

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Cold and heat shrinkable products are the general term for products with cold shrinkable and heat shrinkable characteristics.
Cold and heat shrinkable products, it is a big category. As a manufacturer, Suzhou Feibo is mainly engaged in the production of these two kinds of products. There are many types of products, and according to different classification standards, there are different classifications. Cold and heat shrinkable products can be divided into two major categories of cold shrinkable and heat shrinkable. These two are different in terms of raw materials, production technology, and use methods. They are completely different products. The fundamental difference is that cold shrinkable ones are under natural temperature, only need to pull out the internal support bar to complete the shrinking process; while for heat shrinkable, it is necessary to use external tools to heat it to achieve the shrinking temperature.
Cold and heat shrinkable products each have their own product advantages and their own product uses.
Cold and heat shrinkable products, cold shrinkable products are made of liquid silicone rubber products. The raw material is single, and the purity of the product will be higher. During use, there is no need to use open flame, which is more convenient and simple, and has a higher safety factor. In recent years are gradually welcomed by the market; The product adaptability is also well, in some areas where heat shrinkable products cannot be used, including petroleum producing areas, alpine regions, etc., cold shrinkable products are a better choice.
Cold and heat shrinkable products, heat shrinkable products are made of polyethylene mixed with other raw materials. The product formula will be more complicated. At the same time, heat shrinkable products need to be heated in advance, then they can come to shrink. There are requirements for the heating method, temperature control of the operator and the selection of heating tools etc., to make standardize professional operations. In the past sales process, we often encountered product damages caused by irregular operations. It is important to try our best to avoid this phenomenon.
Although heat shrinkable products need to be paid attention to during operation, actually they are simple, heat shrinkable products belong to low-value consumables and cost-effective objects, while cold shrinkable products are convenient to use, but the price will be higher. Customers can choose on their own.

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