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Heat shrinkable tube heating tool

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Heat shrinkable tube heating tool

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Heat shrinkable tube heating tool is an aspect that operators of heat shrinkable tube need to be clear about. Correct operation and use can give full play to the protective effect of heat shrinkable tube and reach the ideal expectations of customers choosing to purchase heat shrinkable tube.
Heat shrinkable tube heating tools, common customer choices, including ovens, heat guns, lighters, hair dryers, etc. From different perspectives, it can be used as a heat shrinkable tube heating tool, and customers can choose according to their surrounding environment.
The heat gun is a method widely used by heat shrink tube operators. The temperature of the heat gun is relatively high, and the heat shrinkable sleeve is heated when in use, and the shrinkage can be completed in a short time. High speed and high efficiency are the reasons why many customers choose heat guns. However, there is a prerequisite for using a hot air gun. The temperature needs to be well controlled. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the heating method to avoid the phenomenon of surface "burning" due to improper operation.
Hot air guns are more inclined to industrial use, and customers can also use hair dryers in daily life. When heating, it moves from one side to the other, which can be from left to right, from right to left, or from the middle to both sides, to avoid air remaining on the inner wall of the heat shrinkable tube, so as to fit on the surface of the quilt. , Plays the role of insulation protection.
Special attention should be paid to:
1. When heating, pay attention not to be too close to the surface of the casing or to heat it in one place, otherwise it will cause uneven thickness or burn the casing. When heating and shrinking, do not exceed the upper limit of temperature resistance of the heat shrinkable tube. For heat shrinkable sleeves, if the temperature exceeds the upper limit of temperature resistance, our products will "melt" and return to the initial state.
2. When heating, the covering should be rotated so that both sides are uniformly heated at the same time, so that it will not cause the phenomenon that one side is thick and the other is thin, and the wall thickness is uneven. If the covering is too large to rotate, we need to rotate the heat gun to make the heat shrinkable tube evenly heated.
After processing, if you find any stains on the surface of the heat-shrinkable sleeve, wipe it clean with an alcohol wipe.

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