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Cold shrinkable cable terminal

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Cold shrinkable cable terminal

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Suzhou Feibo Cold & Heat Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. is not only a manufacturer of heat-shrinkable cable accessories, but also a manufacturer of cold-shrinkable cable accessories. With years of experience and strong technical force in the cold and heat shrinkable products industry, our company integrates industry resources, supplemented by long-term market promotion and network promotion, and sells products to all parts of the country at preferential prices. Today we will talk about the cold shrinkable cable terminal of Suzhou Feibo.
Our cold shrinkable cable terminal is made of silicone rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber, which are elastomer materials, injected with raw materials in the mold of the factory and then vulcanized. The corresponding production equipment is used to expand it and line it with a white plastic spiral support. This is the general production process of cold shrinkable cable terminals.
Customers who have bought cold shrinkable cable terminals, such as cold-shrinkable cable accessories, should know that the effective use period of the expanded cold-shrinkable product should be within one year. Over time, the contraction may not be in place and the elasticity may be lost. Such products are used There will be great safety hazards on power cables. Therefore, the cold shrinkable cable terminal of Suzhou Feibo is generally expanded after receiving the order, and previously it kept part of the unexpanded inventory.
The cold shrinkable cable terminal is drawn out of the internal spiral support bar and can be retracted under normal temperature by elastic force. It does not need to be heated and contracted with a heat source such as a heat-shrinkable cable accessory, so it is called a cold-shrinkable cable accessory. The cold shrinkage stress control tube is basically used now. The cold shrinkable cable terminal of Suzhou Fibo has three withstand voltage levels of 1KV, 10KV and 35KV. 1KV adopts cold-shrinkable insulating tube as reinforced insulator, 10KV adopts cold-shrinkable insulator joints with inner and outer semi-conductive shielding layer, and the three-core cold shrinkable cable terminal has cold-shrink finger sleeves at the bifurcation.
Compared with heat-shrinkable cable accessories, cold shrinkable cable terminals rely on elastic compression force. After installation, they will not move and bend without the danger of gaps between the internal layers of the accessories. They do not need tools, are easy to operate and use Wide range and other advantages. The cold-shrinkable cable accessories of Suzhou Feibo have complete specifications and sufficient stocks. Welcome to buy!

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