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Heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves

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Heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves

Release date:2021-03-25 author:admin Click:

Today we talk about heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves. Of course, in addition to five-finger sleeves, there are also four-finger, three-finger and two-finger sleeves. Here we will introduce heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves in details.
Heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves is generally used together with the cable terminal, of course, can also be purchased separately. The single finger sleeve is called finger sleeve, and the finger sleeve and insulation tube as a set are heat shrink cable terminals. There are differences between these two. When purchasing products, it is best for purchasers to know in advance which product to buy, and our sales staff can tell you the price of the product in the first time.
Heat shrink cable five-finger sleeves is made of the same material as other heat shrink products, which is made of polyolefin. Therefore, when in use, it is also needed to heat to shrink and cover tightly on the quilt object, which plays the role of insulation and protection. However, in the process of heating, finger sleeves must be completely cooled before it can be moved. Moving before cooling may cause finger sleeves to rupture and damage.
There are still many points that construction personnel need to pay attention to when constructing heat shrink finger sleeves. Don't ignore these details. So-called details that determine success or failure. Pay attention to the small details in the construction, which can ultimately lead to the success using of the cable operation.

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