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The application of heat shrinkable tube in daily life

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The application of heat shrinkable tube in daily life

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The heat shrinkable tube is used in the insulation protection of industrial products in the user's first impression. In fact, the heat shrinkable tube is also widely used in our lives.
The heat shrinkable tube is made of PE, polyolefin and other materials, and first passes through the radiation of radioactive sources such as electron accelerators to become a network structure. These materials have a unique memory function. After expansion and cooling, they can be restored to their original shape after being heated. Therefore, the heat-shrinkable tube is coated on the surface of the object after heating and shrinking, which can play the role of insulation, moisture-proof, sealing, protection, and connection, so it is also very practical in daily life. Next, let's talk about the applications of heat shrinkable tube in daily life.

The application of heat shrinkable tube in daily life:
It can be used for the connection of electronic equipment wiring harness and solder joint protection. Consumers use electronic products in daily life, including televisions, digital cameras, game consoles, electronic watches, camcorders, stereos, etc., among which there are a large number of electronic components and wiring harnesses. These electronic components and wiring harness connections and solder joint protection Heat shrinkable tubes are used for insulation and protection.
The application of heat shrinkable tube in daily life two:
Similar to consumer electronic products, household appliances also need to use heat-shrinkable tubes to connect and protect their wiring harnesses, lead joint solder joints, capillary tubes and other parts.
The application of heat shrinkable tube in daily life three:
Can be used for various outer coatings. Now the popularity of heat-shrinkable tubing is becoming more and more widespread, it can be said that the existence of heat-shrinkable tubing can be seen everywhere. For example, some tubular items such as curtain rods, broomsticks, tool rods, and telescopic rods; the identification of low-voltage indoor busbar copper bars, connectors, and wiring harnesses; lighting, guitars, and packaging bottles are a brand-new packaging material. High efficiency, low equipment investment and low overall cost. Whether it is for civilian, automotive or military use, it is the best choice.
In summary, the application of heat shrinkable tube in daily life is ubiquitous, as long as it is carefully discovered, there are shadows of heat-shrinkable tubing everywhere.

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