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Heat shrink finger cots

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Heat shrink finger cots

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Today we will talk about heat shrink finger cots. Although heat shrink finger cots is a small accessory parts in the 1kv, 10kv and 35kv heat shrink cable terminal kits, it is still important.
The color of heat shrink finger cots is black, for heat shrinkable products and is made through a series of processing techniques. Therefore, it can be seen that heat shrinkable products have a feature that requires the use of heating tools to heat to a certain temperature to shrink and tightly wrap them on the covered object to achieve insulation protection.
Heat shrink finger cots can be divided into 1kv, 10kv and 35kv according to the pressure rating. Next, we will introduce their specifications and models respectively.
1kv heat shrink finger cots are divided into two cores to five cores. There are five types of applicable squares, 0# for 10-16mm2, 1# for 25-50mm2, 2# for 70-120mm2, 3# for 150-240mm2, 4# for 300-400mm2, and customers can choose according to their needs.
The specifications and models of 10kv and 35kv heat shrink finger cots are less than 1kv. There is only one type of three cores. Its applicable squares are inconsistent. Applicable squares of 10kv heat shrink finger cots are 1# for 25-50mm2, 2# for 70-120mm2, 3# for 150-240mm2, 4# for 300-400mm2; Applicable squares of 35kv heat shrink finger cots are 1# for 50 -120mm2, 2# for 150-240mm2 and 3# for 300-400mm2.
The above briefly describes the pressure level, specifications and applicable squares of heat shrink finger cots. In fact, in addition to heat shrink, we also have cold shrink finger cots. These are made of silicone rubber through a series of special processing techniques, which are convenient, fast and can be operated without heating tools during use, the price of cold shrink finger cots is relatively more expensive than that of heat shrink finger cots. Customers can choose and purchase according to their own needs and applicable environment.

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