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heating tool of the heat shrinkable tube

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heating tool of the heat shrinkable tube

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Our company has a long-term customer who will purchase our red and white heat shrink tubing of a certain specification regularly and quantitatively. After knowing that this customer is a manufacturer of scissors, the purchase of our heat shrink tubing is used on the package at the handle. When we first started working together, this customer had told us about product problems and said that the shrinkage effect was not good. After understanding, it turns out that the customer handled the heat shrink tube by throwing it into hot water to heat it and shrink it. There must be a problem with this heating method. First, the temperature is not high, and secondly, the uniform heating cannot be guaranteed. After discussion and agreement, the customer adopted our suggestion and changed the heating tool of the heat shrinkable tube, and there was no problem after that.
Suzhou Fibo has more than ten years of experience. It has encountered large and small problems, most of which are product problems caused by the wrong method of heating the heat-shrinkable tube, so it is particularly important to choose a good heating tool of the heat shrinkable tube. When the heat-shrinkable sleeve is in use, there are many tools that can be used to heat, such as heat gun, lighter, gun, etc., but the heating effect of each tool is different, and some locations will be overheated and carbonization will follow. The heat-shrinkable sleeve will be heated by an open flame. The tube cracks during the heating process. Improper heating control will also cause certain losses to the object. Therefore, you can use a professional heat gun to heat the heat shrinkable tube. This kind of portable machine equipment is available in many large processing companies. of. You can really realize the heating function by using this kind of equipment, and it will be very beneficial for us to achieve the whole effect in the end.
The heating tool of the heat shrinkable tube such as heat gun is relatively professional. When heating the heat-shrinkable tubing, it is best to adjust the temperature and heat appropriately. Do not heat excessively locally. The heating must be evenly controlled. , Otherwise you will not be able to achieve good results, which will have a great impact on the final use. However, the heating tool of the heat shrinkable tube such as the heat gun is not suitable for mass heating.
If you want to know more about the heating tool of the heat shrinkable tube, please contact us!

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