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Heat shrink tube for wrapping battery

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Heat shrink tube for wrapping battery

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Heat shrink tube for wrapping battery, which is one of the many uses of heat shrink tube products, and it is also the one that has been used more frequently in recent years.
Regardless of the battery, there is a range for heat resistance, high temperature will adversely affect the battery itself. Heat shrink tube needs to be heated by external tools to shrink when it is used. Heat shrink tube for wrapping battery, this process needs to be operated by professionals to control the temperature.
In fact, heat shrink tube for wrapping battery, more and more PVC heat shrink tubes are used to wrap batteries, in recent years, more customers change to use PE heat shrink tubes. It is more common to use blue or black PVC heat shrink tube. The product characteristics of PVC heat shrink tube require only a lower temperature and a short time to complete the shrink process, which is the irreplaceable advantages, the disadvantage is that the product formula contains chlorine, which will be released when reheated, harmful to the human body and the environment.
PE heat shrink tube does not have the above problems. It is environmentally friendly and halogen-free. Low smoke during heating. More and more customers use it for wrapping batteries, one thing that needs to be mentioned is that PE heat shrink tube, also known as polyethylene heat shrink tube, has more stable chemical properties and is made of rubber. Its product thickness is thicker than that of PVC heat shrink tube. PVC heat shrink tube is more similar to plastic in nature, when shrinking, the shrink time of PE heat shrink tube will be longer. For products such as batteries, the longer the heating time, the higher the probability of adverse effects on it, and the operator needs to be more careful.
Heat shrink tube for wrapping battery, that is, an insulating protective layer is added to the outside of the battery to protect. There are many materials for heat shrink tube, and different materials have different product characteristics, customers can choose by themselves.

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