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Glue-containing heat shrink tube

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Glue-containing heat shrink tube

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Glue-containing heat shrink tube is what we often call adhesived heat shrink tube. It can also be called double-wall tube, and counted as a variety of common products. Glue-containing heat shrink tube is understood literally. The difference from ordinary heat shrink tube lies in whether it has glue or not. It is precisely because of this layer of glue that it has the product performance that ordinary heat shrink tube cannot replace.
Glue-containing heat shrink tube is actually a type of product developed on the basis of ordinary PE heat shrink tube. It is divided into an inner and outer double-layer structure. The outer layer is made of polyethylene and other materials, and the inner layer is laminated by hot melt glue. Consistent with ordinary heat shrink tube, after the extrusion process is completed, the product needs to be irradiated by an electron accelerator, that is, the irradiation process, so that it has the shrinking effect; the final product has excellent outer insulation and good wear resistance; The glue melts when exposed to heat and adheres to the inner wall, which has a remarkable waterproof and sealing effect.
Glue-containing heat shrink tube also has a wider range of product applications, which can be confirmed in the past sales process. The product has strong applicability. It can be used in all walks of life, just like ordinary heat shrink tube. Compared with ordinary heat shrink tube, because of the internal glue, most customers who choose glue-containing heat shrink tube are considering its sealing effect, relatively speaking, glue-containing heat shrink tube is more commonly used in military industry, shipbuilding, communications, machinery and other fields.
Compared with ordinary and glue-containing heat shrink tube, main differences are as follows. 
1) There is a difference in the shrinkage ratio of these two. The shrinkage ratio of glue-containing heat shrink tube is higher, usually 3:1 and 4:1, the former has a higher utilization rate; while the shrinkage ratio of ordinary heat shrink tube is 2:1, which is what we often called double contraction;
2) There is a difference in wall thickness. Under the premise of similar specifications, the thickness of the glue-containing heat shrink tube will be thicker;
3) Glue-containing heat shrink tube has the double-layer structure, this is the reason why we often called double-wall tube; the ordinary heat shrink tube is a single-layer structure, also known as single-wall heat shrink tube;
4) During the production of glue-containing heat shrink tube, raw materials and hot melt glue are co-extruded, the sealing effect is better. It is used more in areas with waterproof requirements such as ships and water tanks, while ordinary heat shrink tub is more inclined to daily life and for the insulation protection and power sector use.

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