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How to choose the correct heat shrink tube

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How to choose the correct heat shrink tube

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The problem that customers often encounter when buying heat shrink tube is how to choose the correct heat shrink tube. Knowing how to choose the correct heat shrink tube can help us better understand the product and further promote purchases.
How to choose the correct heat shrink tube, first of all, is to choose the right material. Heat shrink tube, being shrinking when exposed to heat, have many different materials to choose from. Heat shrink tube of different materials also has differences in production methods, features, etc. The more common heat shrink tube materials include PE, PVC and PET heat shrink tube. As the manufacturer, Suzhou Feibo mainly produces heat shrink tube made of PE material, which have good insulation performance and high product adaptability, and can be used in many places; PVC heat shrink tube, convenient to use, with low temperature requirements, and shrink quickly, can be used for battery packaging; PET heat shrink tube, in terms of heat resistance, mechanical properties, etc., is a better choice, meets environmental protection requirements, easy to recycle, and can also meet export requirements.
How to choose the correct heat shrink tube, secondly, is the product color and wall thickness, these two are the external factors to measure. Different product uses have different requirements for the color of heat shrink tube, and products produced by different manufacturers have different colors. PE heat shrink tube we produce contains of red, green, yellow, blue and black, while PVC heat shrink tube is relatively common in blue and black. Of course customers can customize according to their needs.
Another point is the wall thickness of heat shrink tube. Different product thicknesses have differences in the control of production quality, operation and price. The thinner the tube, the lower the price, during use, the damage rate will increase. Different product uses have different requirements for the thickness of the product itself. For example, heat shrink tube for batteries are suitable for thinner ones, the thicker heat shrink tube requires longer heating and shrinking time, which will affect the battery itself.

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