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Introduction of cable terminal

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Introduction of cable terminal

Release date:2021-05-10 author:admin Click:

Today we will make the introduction of cable terminal. In fact, the cable terminal is the part that connects the cable with other electrical equipment, and the cable middle connection is the part that connects two cables. Generally speaking, these two are collectively referred to as cable accessories.
Cable accessories should be able to operate safely for a long time. In fact, its service life is also related to the installation process.
Good cable terminal has the following two properties:
1. The purchased cable terminal should have a certain degree of mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and be able to withstand the impact of the faulty cable;
2. The insulation performance should be good. The insulation performance of the cable accessories we selected must be good, and the dielectric loss of the insulation materials used should be low. The structure should be able to deal with the sudden changes of the electric field in the cable accessories, and change the electric field distribution.
In fact, introduction of cable terminal is simple, more details, customers who want to know more about the introduction of cable terminal and have the intention to buy can also contact our customer service staff.

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