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Heating precautions for heat shrink tube

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Heating precautions for heat shrink tube

Release date:2021-05-24 author:admin Click:

Today, let’s talk about the heating precautions for heat shrink tube. Before talking about the heating precautions, let’s briefly introduce heat shrink tube.
Heat shrink tube is the most common type of heat shrinkable products. According to the pressure level, it can be divided into 1kv, 10kv and 35kv tube; according to performance, it is divided into ordinary and flame-retardant heat shrink tube. At present, flame-retardant heat shrink tube of Suzhou Feibo is 1kv pressure rating. If you want to buy flame-retardant heat shrink tube, please make it clear before the inquiry.
The above briefly introduces the product of heat shrink tube, then what are heating precautions for heat shrink tube.
Because of the particularity of the material of heat shrink tube, it is necessary to use heating tools to heat it to a certain temperature and then shrink and wrap it tightly on the quilt object, so as to achieve the effects of insulation, protection, and beauty on the quilt object. Commonly used heating tools should be heat guns, when using, please pay attention to that the temperature should not be too high, which will cause heat shrink tube to rupture ; Of course it is not advisable to bake the same position of heat shrink tube for a long time, which will also cause problems.
The above are issues that need to be paid attention to during operation. Before operation, the most important point is that the quilt itself needs to be neat, smooth and free of burrs. These three points are critical to the subsequent heating and shrinking of the tube.

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