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The use of heat shrinkable tubes

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The use of heat shrinkable tubes

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The purpose of a heat shrinkable tube is the insulation, sealing and protection of the cable. Simply put, it is to use the heat shrinkable tube on the live equipment. It has the functions of sealing, waterproof and electric insulation.
The second use of the  heat shrinkable tube will also be affected by its appearance, different colors of heat shrinkable tube in different places, can play a relatively bright identification role, but also used to represent different electric edges. Our company can produce high quality heat-shrinkable tubes in different colors according to customers' requirements. The main colors of heat-shrinkable tubes include red, yellow, blue, green, black, transparent and yellow-green.
Three, it is worth mentioning that the heat shrinkable tube is divided into low voltage and high voltage. The use of the heat shrinkable tube with different voltage is also different. We know that heat shrinkable tubes are commonly used in wiring harness, cable, high and low voltage electric cabinet, substation power engineering and other places that need insulation protection. Among them, the low voltage is generally thin pipe, which is used in the wiring harness and cable joints. There will also be the whole cable wrapped, but this kind of less. There is also a high voltage heat shrinkable tube, used in the insulation protection of 10kV / 20kV and 35kV and above live equipment.
Four commonly used household appliances in the home also have insulating tubes, such as the heating floor of the electric kettle, the heater wiring harness of the PTC air conditioner, and so on. These places can generally see the figure of the heat shrinkable tube. Because PET heat shrinkable sleeve (polyester heat shrinkable sleeve) has the advantages of non-toxic environmental protection, will not cause harm to human body and the environment.
In addition, the use of heat shrinkable tubes is also used in some specific products, such as copper exhaust heat shrinkable tubes or mother exhaust heat shrinkable tubes, and some are special heat shrinkable tubes, which have some specific capabilities after manufacturing, such as pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, ultraviolet resistance, fire retardant and so on. Thus it can be seen that heat shrinkable tubes have many uses. Although they are not obvious in daily life, they may be hidden in the electrical appliances we use. Choosing a good heat shrinkable tube manufacturer can improve the quality of electrical equipment and prolong the life of products.
Feibo is committed to the production of heat shrinkable casing of various specifications of high and low pressure. Over the past ten years, Feibo has accumulated a lot of production experience and developed many excellent production technologies, and is a trustworthy partner. 

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