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Low voltage cold shrink cable terminals

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Low voltage cold shrink cable terminals

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As a manufacturer of cold and heat shrinkable products, Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. has many different types of products. Low voltage cold shrink cable terminals belong to the series of cold shrink cable accessories. Cold shrink cable accessories are a collective term, including two series of cold shrink cable terminals and intermediate connections. Cable terminals are divided according to different voltages, low voltage cold shrink cable terminals are one of them.
Low voltage cold shrink cable terminals, it is no need to use external heating tools when in use. Under natural temperature conditions, follow the spiral pattern of the built-in white support strip and pull it out to complete the shrink process and cover the surface of the quilt, which is safe and convenient, also saving time and effort and reduces product damage caused by improper operation of the installer.
Low voltage cold shrink cable terminals, or other cold shrink products, are shaped by liquid silicone rubber molds and are made by a vulcanization process. Silicone rubber has good insulation and elasticity, excellent cold and heat resistance, and can be used in cold, high altitude and damp areas, for no open flame is needed during installation, it is also suitable for use in places such as petroleum, chemical industry, tunnels, etc.
Low voltage cold shrink cable terminals, as a manufacturer, we have two categories: colorful and full gray, the difference lies in the color of insulation tubes. Low voltage cold shrink cable terminals are composed of insulation tubes, cold shrink finger sleeves and supporting accessories. Depending on the number of cable cores, ranging from two cores to five cores. Full gray means that all cold shrink insulation tubes are gray. When installing, it will be marked with color labels; Colorful ones means it has five colors of red, green, yellow, blue and gray to distinguish.
Except for color, there is no difference between these two in terms of raw materials, production process, product packaging, etc. The difference of the color, because the common cold shrink products on the market, the color is relatively monotonous, and the color is more attractive to customers.

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