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Bus protection box

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Bus protection box

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Bus protection box is made of polymer polypropylene material, which is a conductor carrying current. Widely used in power sector and power equipment. Our Suzhou Feibo Cold and Heat Shracking Products Co., Ltd. bus protection box can be divided into 1KV bus protection box, 10KV bus protection box, 35KV bus protection box according to the voltage resistance grade. According to the number of rows of our company's bus protection box can be divided into single row bus box double row bus box and three row bus box.

If according to the appearance of our company's bus box can be divided into L type bus protection box, I type bus protection box, T type bus protection box. The above said the classification of our bus protection box, now let's introduce the material of the production of bus protection box. The material used for making the bus protective box in our company is our heat shrinkable tube. The heat-shrinkable tube is the heat-shrinkable tube of the finished product rather than the heat-shrinkable tube of the semi-finished product. Our bus protection box is made of finished heat shrinkable tubes. So it's the same as our classification of heat shrinkable tubes, there's low pressure and high pressure. And our customers who buy our products regularly know that. Our low voltage is 1kV, and our high voltage is rated 10kV and 35kV. The material of our bus protection box is PE, because the material of the heat-shrinkable tube is PE.

As above, the production material of the bus protection box is introduced. Now, the characteristics of our bus protection box are introduced. The protection box of bus bar has good insulation, water resistance and sealing. Can be used in electric power and related industries, high security; 2. Our low pressure heat shrinkable tubes are red, green, blue, yellow, black and white, so the color of the bus protection box is also colorful. Visually, it's beautiful. Easy installation; 3. Long service life; 4. The insulation of the bus protection box is good, and it can be anticorrosive and insect proof; 5. Bus protection box set on the copper bar and other power equipment can protect the copper bar and equipment from outside interference, which can effectively prevent short circuit phenomenon;

Finally, Xiaobian combined with the characteristics of our mother row protection box, to summarize the role of our company's mother row protection box. 1. Our bus protection box is used for power equipment distribution transformers, lightning arrester, outdoor switches, bus bars and other terminals, which can effectively prevent the wiring terminals of these exposed power equipment from being damaged for various reasons, leading to the destruction of power facilities and the tragedy of electrocution of personnel. 2. Bus protection box has excellent electrical properties, its compressive strength up to 42KV, suitable for 35KV and the following voltage class bus bus and other equipment flame retardancy and various insulation protection. Solve the problem of high voltage insulation, effectively shorten the safety distance between the system phase. 3.MPH series protective cover is a good electrical insulation, waterproof sealing safety protection products. It has the characteristics of easy installation, good environmental adaptability and long service life. It is mainly used for insulation protection and safety protection of bus bar connection in power plant and substation. Preclude short circuit accident caused by crawling of foreign body overlap animals: prevent electric shock, pollution and condensation flashover phenomenon: reduce the corrosion of conductive materials by air and harmful gases, prolong the service life of electrical equipment.

Today, the content of bus protection box is introduced here. If you have any questions you need to consult. You can call our toll-free website at 400-115-6728.

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