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the busbar junction box

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the busbar junction box

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The busbar junction box is a specific insulation protection product made of a radiation cross-linked polyolefin busbar tube and processed by a mold. It is an insulating material for the busbar connection.

The voltage rating of the busbar junction box can be divided into 1kv, 10kv and 35kv. Generally, there are four shapes of "I", "T", "L" and "X". Other shapes can also be customized.  But to provide on-site drawings.
There are four conventional colors of the busbar junction box like red, yellow, green and black. Other colors can be individually customized according to customer needs.

Combination form of busbar junction box: Generally, we have the combination of single busbar and busbar, single busbar and double busbar combination, double busbar and double busbar combination, we daily referred to as single row, double row and three row.

The current conventional specifications of the busbar junction box are 25mm-150mm.

A brief introduction to the use of the busbar junction box. First, put the heat shrinkable tube of the busbar on the copper bar, use a heating tool to heat and shrink it, fix the two copper bars with screws, and set the corresponding specifications of the busbar junction box on the copper bar , and fix the busbar junction box, and completely wrap the part of the copper row that needs to be protected.

The busbar junction box has the functions of good insulation, rust and corrosion prevention, and distance reduction, which can prevent short-circuit accidents caused by foreign body overlap and animal crawling; prevent the corrosion of the busbar by chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt; prevent the error of maintenance personnel Entering the charged gap can cause accidental damage; solve the insulation problem between the busbar slots, prevent dust and impurity pollution, and liquid pollution; reduce the corrosion of conductive materials by air and harmful gases, which can better extend the service life of electrical equipment. It is widely used in communication industry, manufacturing industry, electronic industry and other fields.

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