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Factors of uneven shrinkage of heat shrinkable tubing

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Factors of uneven shrinkage of heat shrinkable tubing

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Sometimes we have received feedback from customers that the heat shrinkable tube shrinks unevenly, and wrinkles appear after shrinking. Is it a product quality problem? In fact, we often encounter wrinkles during the heating process of heat-shrinkable tubes. When there are multiple heat-shrinkable tubes in the same batch, some are very good, and some are not completely heat-shrinkable. So why does this uneven shrinkage occur? Below we can get a general idea.

Factors of uneven shrinkage of heat shrinkable tubing——The reason for the heat shrinkable tube itself: usually caused by local differences. If the heat shrinkable tube is poorly concentric and the wall thickness of the heat shrinkable tube is uneven, it will cause uneven shrinkage during the heating process, but this situation is basically due to overheating It can be ensured that all are fully retracted. In addition, the greater the wall thickness of the heat-shrinkable tube, the slower the heat-shrinking speed will be.

Factors of uneven shrinkage of heat shrinkable tubing——The characteristics of the sample parts wrapped by the heat shrinkable tube: many single-wall heat shrinkable tubes are used when some metal blocks or sheets are used. The metal parts themselves are cold. The heat shrinkable tube in a high temperature environment will be covered by the metal when it is close to the metal. The heat absorption effect of the heat-shrinking effect quickly cools, so that the actual temperature of the heat-shrinkable tube is lower than its shrinking temperature, which causes the phenomenon of partial shrinkage and partial incomplete shrinkage. In this case, the usual practice is to choose some heat-shrinkable tubes with inorganic additives to avoid the effects of heat-shrinkable tubes and metal attachment.

Factors of uneven shrinkage of heat shrinkable tubing——Reasons for the selection of heat-shrinkable tubing: The choice of heat-shrinkable tubing should be based on the size of the cable to choose a suitable specification of heat-shrinkable tubing. If the size is too small, the heat-shrinkable tubing will not shrink in place. If the heat-shrinkable tubing is too large, the size of the shrinkable tubing will be larger than the required size, which will not have the effect of sealing.

Factors of uneven shrinkage of heat shrinkable tubing——Abnormal heating equipment: This situation often occurs in some batch processing conditions, especially for some terminal heat shrinking machines, which use a heat gun for heating, and install multiple samples at a time to heat shrink the tube, and it turns out that the same heat Under the shrink tube parameters, some heat-shrinkable tubes have completely retracted, some have too much glue overflow, and some have no obvious glue overflow, and even have not completely retracted. This situation is generally caused by the temperature difference of the heating plate of the heat shrinkable tube. There is a huge temperature difference in the heating area, which causes uneven retraction.

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