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Monochrome heat shrink tube

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Monochrome heat shrink tube

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Monochromatic heat shrink tube, easy to understand, it is heat shrink tube containing one color.
When customers come to buy heat shrink tube, salespersons will ask the customer which color heat shrink tube they needs. Most of the heat shrink tube required by customers is monochromatic heat shrink tube, which is composed of one color, customers can choose on their own. Of course, besides monochromatic heat shrink tube, naturally there are double-color heat shrink tubes, which are composed of two color stripes. As the heat shrink tube manufacturer, Suzhou Feibo is engaged in the production of double-color heat shrink tubes, which are yellow and green. Also known as yellow-green heat shrink tube.
There is no difference between single-color heat shrink tubes and double-color heat shrink tubes. In the market, customers need more single-color heat shrink tube, and the market demand for double-color heat shrink tube will be less. For the purpose of marking, except for specific purposes, single-color heat shrink tubes can meet customer needs. There is not much difference in the production of heat shrink tubes, and double-color heat shrink tubes include two colors at the same time, and the mold is required to co-extrude the raw particles of these two colors to show a striped distribution.
Monochromatic heat shrink tube, if customers have no special requirements for colors, including red, green, yellow, blue, black and white, as a manufacturer, inventory is also important. We have these colors in stock. After receiving customer orders, you can directly arrange the delivery. Of course, because of the large variety of products, it is inevitable that one kind of the color will be out of stock. We will also arrange replenishment as soon as possible.
In addition to the above-mentioned monochromatic heat shrink tube, if customers need customized colors, they can contact our sales staff to provide color samples. The technicians will judge according to customer requirements and produce corresponding samples for customers select. One point that has to be mentioned is that the formulation of monochromatic heat shrink tube product is complex and is made of a variety of raw materials. Therefore, the color of customized products is difficult to be completely consistent with the requirements of customers. There will be corresponding color differences. This situation will be clearly inform customers and arranges production after the customer's consent.

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