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Advantages of heat shrinkable tube

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Advantages of heat shrinkable tube

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The heat shrinkable tube is a special heat shrinkable material, which is the product of the combination of polymer materials and radiation processing technology materials, and is an intelligent material.The heat shrinkable tube is mainly used to insulate, seal and protect the cable. There are many appearances of heat shrinkable tubes, and different colors can be used in different places to play a more distinctive role in marking to indicate different electrical connections. Heat-shrinkable tubes are generally used in places where insulation is required, such as substation power engineering, wiring harnesses, high and low voltage electrical cabinets, and cables. Household appliances commonly used in the home also have heat-shrinkable tubes, such as the heater wiring harness of the air conditioner PTC, the heating bottom plate of the electric kettle, and so on. What are the advantages of heat shrink tubing?
Advantages of heat shrinkable tube:
Because the heat-shrinkable tube is integrated, the length can be cut as needed, which fills the gaps left by the insulating tape during the whole winding process, prevents it from loosening, and is safer to use.
Advantages of heat shrinkable tube:
The insulating layer of the heat-shrinkable tube has stronger performance. The working voltage of the insulating layer of the heat-shrinkable tube can reach 600v for a long time, and the working voltage can reach 2500v. It will not penetrate for one minute, which can avoid the phenomenon of penetration due to circuit short-circuit.
Advantages of heat shrinkable tube:
Heat shrinkable tube specifications are available, and various cables can be selected for various inner diameters.
Advantages of heat shrinkable tube:
The heat-shrinkable tubing will be close to each wire after heating, and the performance, insulation performance and abrasion resistance of the connector are better than the insulating glue. Although the insulating tape only needs to be wound by hand, its performance at all levels is not as good as that of the heat-shrinkable tube. The electrical insulating tape is susceptible to the working temperature, loses its viscosity after a long time, and then loosens. The appearance of heat-shrinkable tube is more beautiful and flat, and the winding of insulating tape will always have texture, which will affect the appearance.
In comparison, the advantages of heat shrinkable tube are still significant. Good sealing performance, high insulation performance, wear resistance and damage resistance, moisture and water resistance are all advantages that cannot be replaced by insulating glue.


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