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Production cycle of heat shrink tube

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Production cycle of heat shrink tube

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Production cycle of heat shrink tube refers to the production time required for heat shrink tube from the beginning of production to the final product. The introduction is hoping to deepen the customer's understanding and knowing heat shrink tube better.
In previous articles, we introduced the production process of heat shrink tube, including pelletizing, extrusion, irradiation, expansion, and packaging. The production includes multiple steps. It can’t be regarded as a complicated production process, but it’s not simple. Because of these process, heat shrink tube production cycle will be relatively prolonged.
Production cycle of heat shrink tube is an element that needs to be confirmed with the customer when heat shrink tube is produced. Generally speaking, we will arrange the loading personnel to load goods according to the customer's order, but as a manufacturer, there is inevitably a shortage of stock, or customers has special requirements for the product itself, including color, thickness, printing, etc., needs to be customized separately, then our production staff need to combine the current actual production situation to make arrangements, determine the production cycle of heat shrink tube, and ship products to the customer as soon as possible within a certain period of time.
Production cycle of heat shrink tube is not fixed. It needs to be judged based on the actual production situation and the actual order quantity. In a responsible attitude to the customer, we will arrange the production as soon as possible, but what needs to be explained to the customer is that regardless of the production cycle of heat shrink tube, it may change with the actual situation. Based on the time negotiated with the customer, it may be postponed or advanced.
Another point that needs to be mentioned is that, generally speaking, from the beginning of production to the final product, the normal production cycle is 7-10 days for a single color. During the production process, irradiation is an external processing process, and because multiple passes are involved, machine failures, personnel transfers, etc. are uncontrollable factors that may affect the production cycle of heat shrink tube.
Customers can rest assured that as a manufacturer, whether it is out of stock or customized heat shrink tube, after confirming customer's required order, we will arrange production as soon as possible. In case of special circumstances, we also hope that customers can understand.

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