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PVC heat shrinkable tube and PE heat shrinkable tube

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PVC heat shrinkable tube and PE heat shrinkable tube

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The heat shrinkable tube plays a role in protecting important devices and circuits in electronic circuit products. But the role of heat shrinkable tube is far more than the insulation protection of the circuit. In addition, the heat shrinkable tube also plays a very important role in other fields. This article will introduce you to some other uses of heat shrink tubing in addition to protecting the circuit. The types of heat-shrinkable tubing can be classified in great detail according to different specifications, materials, thicknesses, and uses. The general specifications of the product are Φ2-Φ200mm. According to different materials, it can be divided into pvc heat shrinkable tube  and pe heat shrinkable tube .

PVC heat shrinkable tube

PVC heat shrinkable tube has the special function of shrinking when heated, and it can shrink when heated above 98°C, which is more convenient to use. Used in electrolytic capacitors and inductors, the products are resistant to high temperature and have no secondary shrinkage. It can also be used for the identification and insulation coating of low-voltage indoor busbar copper bars, joints, and wiring harnesses. The use efficiency is high, the equipment investment is small, and the overall cost is small. It is also used for the wrapping of lighting and LED pins, as well as the wrapping of guitars and packaging bottles. It is a new generation of packaging materials. Pvc heat-shrinkable tubes are widely used in civil, automotive or military applications.

PE heat shrinkable tube

The characteristic of PE heat shrinkable tube is that it can be degraded and used in products with environmental protection grade requirements. PE heat shrinkable tube (polyester heat-shrinkable tubing) is much better than pvc heat shrinkable tube in terms of heat resistance, electrical insulation and mechanical properties. PE heat shrinkable tube is non-toxic and will not be harmful to the human body and the environment Produces toxic effects, and is easier to recycle, which is more in line with environmental protection requirements.

The environmental performance of PE  heat shrinkable tube meets the EU RoHs directive standards and can reach the SonySS-00259 environmental protection standard. It does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polychlorinated biphenyls, polychlorinated terphenyls, polychlorinated naphthalenes and other prohibited substances in the first-level environmental management. It is electronic components such as electrolytic capacitors and inductors. The outer covering of high-grade rechargeable batteries, toys and medical equipment can fully meet customer requirements.

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