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PE heat-shrinkable tubing

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PE heat-shrinkable tubing

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Heat-shrinkable tubing has a wide range of applications in our lives, and I must be familiar with it. PE heat-shrinkable tubing is very popular in the market.
PE heat-shrinkable tubing is usually two times shrinkage ratio, working temperature is -55+125℃, initial shrinkage temperature is 70℃, full shrinkage temperature is 110℃, longitudinal shrinkage ratio is 5%, which can reach VW-1 flame retardant grade. It is a new type of environmentally friendly halogen-free flame-retardant heat-shrinkable insulation product, which is of high quality and low price, and can provide good insulation protection for wires, cables and wire terminals. PE heat-shrinkable tubing is not only used in cable power, it also has this wide range of applications in other aspects. For example, the badminton racket handle is covered with a protective tube. After heating and shrinking, it can be tightly sleeved on the rod, which plays a good anti-skid and decorative role. The pattern decoration on the fishing rod handle is also our specific pattern heat shrinkable tube, clothing zipper pull, sports Our PE heat-shrinkable tubing is used in fitness equipment.
Next, let me tell you about the performance and use of PE heat shrinkable-tubing:

The performance of PE heat-shrinkable tube: It has low-temperature shrinkage, soft flame-retardant, insulation and anti-corrosion functions. Various wiring harnesses, solder joints, and inductors are widely used in insulation protection, and can prevent rust and corrosion of metal pipes and rods. The voltage level of PE heat shrinkable tube is 1kV, 10kv, 35kv.
As the temperature goes from low to high, polymer materials experience glassy-high elasticity. The performance of the glassy state is close to that of plastic, and the performance of the high-elasticity state is close to rubber. The material used for PE heat shrinkable-tubing is glassy at room temperature and changes after heating. High elasticity
How to use: For example, if you have an Apple data cable that needs to be repaired, and the maximum diameter of the thread itself is Φ5, then you should choose a larger heat shrinkable tube to put it in, and it can reach the shrinkage rate, then choose Φ6 After the heat shrinkable tube is sleeved in, it can be used after using the inner flame to achieve heat shrinkage. The heat-shrinkable tube is very convenient to use. The heat-shrinkable tube produced by Fibo is a high environmental performance and meets the Rohs standard, so everyone can use it with confidence.
If you need to buy, you can contact our customer service of Suzhou Feibo, welcome your inquiry.

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