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Zipper heat shrinkable tube

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Zipper heat shrinkable tube

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Zipper heat shrinkable tube, also known as cable repair sheet, is mainly used to quickly repair the damaged parts of the cable sheath insulation layer, and can seal and insulate the damaged cable outer insulation layer. The zipper heat-shrinkable tube is a covered repair type casing, which is easy to operate and quick to repair. The black product is more common, with more specifications and sizes, and a wide range of options. It can be applied to various occasions, and its internal coating with hot melt adhesive can play a role in sealing and waterproofing. The insulation can reach the insulation level of a complete cable. The zipper heat shrinkable tube is an open-type sleeve, which has the properties of fast repair speed, high insulation and waterproof. It is suitable for repairing the damaged outer sheath of power cable.
Today we briefly introduce the installation method of the zipper heat shrinkable tube.
Remove the sundries in the damaged part of the cable before use. During installation, the damaged part of the cable insulation layer should be placed in the middle of the patch. Mark the two sides of the heat shrinkable tube with a marker, and polish the cables on both sides with emery cloth tape along the upper position of the circle. The cable cleaning wipes are in small bags in plastic-steel composite packaging bags, and neutral packaging is optional. Clean the polished cable parts. Paste thermal insulation aluminum foil 25mm from the inner side of the logo to the outer layer. The affixed aluminum foil should expose the casing. Scrape and smooth the heat-insulating aluminum foil with a hard block to make it close to the cable. Put on the patch and heat the card strip with a hot air gun for 10 seconds. From the middle of the patch to both sides, warm it up evenly. The operation of the zipper heat shrinkable tube is completed after shrinking.
The above is the introduction of the use of zipper heat shrinkable tube. Suzhou Fibo can provide various specifications of heat shrinkable tubing from φ20 to φ200. If necessary, you can contact Fibo staff.

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