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The pressure rating of heat shrink tube

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The pressure rating of heat shrink tube

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The pressure rating of heat shrink tube can be divided into low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure. The corresponding ones are 1kv, 10kv and 35kv we often mentioned. When customers come to inquire, our sales staff will first confirm the pressure rating of heat shrink tube. After clarifying this element, the pressure rating of heat shrink tube can be followed up for quotation and purchase.
Different customers buy heat shrink tube, which has different product uses, so the requirements for its pressure rating are different. However, from the previous sales experience, most customers do not have special requirements for the pressure rating of heat shrink tube. Conventional 1kv heat shrink tube can meet their needs. This can also be reflected in the sales volume of the manufacturer. Suzhou Feibo, as a manufacturer, we have a large customer base and a rich product range. Among them, low pressure heat shrink tube has the most annual sales. For the power sector, 1kv belongs to the low pressure category, but in daily life, 1kv is not actually the low pressure. After all, our daily use voltage is 220v.
For the power sector and some professional applications, 1kv is the low pressure category. The same, low pressure products are relatively widely used. However, in high pressure areas, the use of low pressure products will be limited and cannot be used, which is why we often said, high pressure products can be used in low pressure areas, but low pressure products should not be used in high pressure areas, which is for safety reasons.
10kv and 35kv heat shrink tube, which we also called high pressure heat shrink tube, the market consumption is not as large as low pressure heat shrink tube. Whether it is from the perspective of product performance, the choice of raw materials, the control of production technology or other aspects, it will be more rigorous. For manufacturers, quality is the soul of enterprise. While stabilizing product quality, giving full play to the manufacturer's price advantage and providing customers with cost-effective, inexpensive and good-quality products is the key to development.

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