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Heat shrinkable intermediate connection

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Heat shrinkable intermediate connection

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  Before xiaobian has said the content of cold shrinkage middle connection, today we talk about the content of heat shrinkage middle connection.  
  We all know that the intermediate connection according to the product material can be divided into cold shrinkable intermediate connection and heat shrinkable intermediate connection two kinds, today we say is one of the heat shrinkable products - heat shrinkable intermediate connection.  
  The heat-shrinkable intermediate connection is one of the heat-shrinkable products. The heat-shrinkable intermediate connection can also be crosslinked with the heat-shrinkable intermediate connection of cable. The new process adopts "three-channel sealing process".  As we all know, many failures of heat-shrinkable intermediate connections are caused by poor sealing. Our company adopts a new process (three-channel sealing process) to make the cable run more safely and reliably.  Of course, in the construction operation should also pay attention to the operation method, we pick a few key points for attention to say.  
  First for heat shrinkable connection among construction operation is the most important thing is to the surrounding environment and weather factors, before the operation should choose a beautiful, sunny, construction site without flying dust and paper scraps of environment for a series of activities, before the operation should be prior to heat the connection among the specifications and the specifications of the cable.  
  Next, what should be paid attention to during construction of heat-shrinkable intermediate connection?  Above also said the connection of hot shrinkage is belong to one of the heat shrinkable products, heat shrinkable products in the construction operation are all you need to use fire to heating the heat shrinkage and tightly wrapped in a quilt (cable) on the object, the quilt cover objects (cable) to be able to have the insulation, protection, anti-corrosion, leakproof to after the operation of the cable at the same time also more guaranteed, security.  
  In the heat shrinkable product - heat shrinkable intermediate connection construction heating, it should be noted that the same position of the heat shrinkable product can not be baked for a long time in order to avoid the heat shrinkable product due to excessive heat for a long time.  The correct approach should be to master the performance of heat shrinkable products in advance, and bake them slowly and evenly, so as to avoid product problems caused by improper construction by operators.  
  Finally, we talk about the basic content of the heat-shrinkable intermediate connection, which can be divided into 1kV and 10kV according to the voltage rating.  1kV is suitable for the intermediate connection processor of 0.6/1kV;  10kV is suitable for 8.7/15kV intermediate processors.  In terms of specifications and models, no matter 1kV or 10kV, they will not have indoor and outdoor differences due to the pressure grade, that is to say, 1kV and 10kV heat shrinkable intermediate connection is not indoor and outdoor.  
  The above is the whole content of the heat shrinkable intermediate connection, which is relatively simple. If you are interested in it, welcome to come to consult and understand.  

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