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Cold shrinkable terminal

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Cold shrinkable terminal

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For the industry of heat and cold shrinkable products, we all know that whether cold shrinkable terminal, heat shrinkable tube, or heat shrinkable cable accessories, etc., there is an important application range, that is, power cable, which is the reason why cold shrinkable terminal is getting more and more popular in the market is that the cable terminal used in the power sector has changed. In the past, there were many customers using heat shrinkable terminals, and the products were cost-effective and easy to operate, which is a good choice. With the progress and development of the times, people gradually found that the whole process of installation can be completed without the need of external heating tools. Cold shrinkable can be completed by using natural conditions. The product shrinks and fits tightly on the surface of the quilt cover to provide insulation protection.
More and more friends come to realize that cold shrinking terminal has irreplaceable convenience, and more and more friends choose to use it. No matter the cold shrinkable terminal or the heat shrinkable terminal, it is difficult to judge which one is better. In essence, these two are different. Different raw materials, different product ratios, different production techniques and using methods.
In the previous articles, we also mentioned that there is no need to follow the market trend. At present, customers come to use cold shrinkable terminal is gradually increasing, but the heat shrinkable terminal still occupies a stable market demand, which has its unique characteristics, that is, cost-effective, the same square for cold shrinkable terminal and heat shrinkable terminal, the former price is relatively higher, customers need to combine their own situation, choose the product that suits them.
Cold shrinkable terminal is made of high quality raw material of silicone rubber. The product performance is stable and the market feedback is good. At the same time, as the manufacturer of cold shrinkable terminal, it also has strong technical support and wholeheartedly solves the different problems encountered by customers.

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