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Low voltage cable terminal kits

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Low voltage cable terminal kits

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  Low voltage cable terminal kits, let us first talk about the part of low voltage, this is a product with low withstand voltage level. Low voltage cable terminal kits, can also be called 1kv cable terminations, often used on 0.6/1kv cable termination processors.
  The above briefly mentioned the withstand voltage level of low voltage cable terminal kits. In fact, whether it is cold shrinkable or heat shrinkable products, the 1kv low voltage level is not affected by the material.
  Next, let’s talk about heat shrinkable materials of low voltage cable terminal kits. Heat shrinkable materials are affected by the product process, so that heat shrinkable products have the characteristics of being heated and shrinking to be tightly wrapped on the quilt object. Also because heat shrinkable products with relatively high cost performance, they are used more and more widely, and quite popular among users in the heat shrinkable industry.
  Products made of heat shrinkable materials need to be heated to make them shrink. Therefore, most customers need heating tools for installation during construction operations. Once heating tools are used, it is necessary to be cautious during the construction operation, because most of the feedback encountered is due to omissions in the installation and a series of operating problems caused by carelessness.
  The above briefly introduces low voltage cable terminal kits of heat shrinkable ones, let's talk about cold shrinkable ones also.
  Cold shrinkable products are made of silicone rubber through a series of special processing techniques, so it also makes its products with high elasticity and its final products are easy and fast to operate, and do not need to use heating tools. The characteristic of being able to shrink on its own. Because of its high elasticity, the low voltage cable terminal kits of cold shrinkable can maintain the function of "breathing" with the cable. The simple operation method is to gently pull out the white plastic support strip after inserting the object to be covered. It will rely on its own high elasticity to be tightly wrapped on the quilt object.
  From mentioned above, we can see that products made of cold shrinkable materials do not need to use heating tools, making them suitable for flammable and explosive places such as petroleum, mining, and chemical industries.

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