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Insulation protection function of heat shrink tube

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Insulation protection function of heat shrink tube

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Heat shrink tube, many friends may not be familiar with this product in the past, but in recent years, the market demand for heat shrinkable products has increased, and heat shrink tube has gradually been accepted and used by many customers. Heat shrink tube plays many roles. Insulation protection function of heat shrink tube is only one of them. Similarly, heat shrink tube has many uses. Compared with daily use, heat shrink tube is more used in power cables and other industrial sectors, using its insulation effect to insulate and protect the quilt object.
Insulation protection function of heat shrink tube, Suzhou Feibo is a heat shrink tube manufacturer. Heat shrinkable tube we produce is made of PE material, which is a kind of rubber and plastic product. It is soft and has stable product performance. When using it, put the heat shrink tube on the surface of the quilt object, pay attention to choosing heat shrink tube that matches the size of the quilt object. If the selected heat shrink tube is too large, the shrinking may not be in place. If it is too small, it is easy to scratch. This is the point when the customer chooses need to pay attention.
To give full play to the Insulation protection function of heat shrink tube, the operation process is also important. Standardized and rigorous operation can further exert the product effect. Before use, you need to select the appropriate heating tool and set the heating temperature, oven and hot air gun are good choices. The principle of heat shrink tube is actually simple. The plastic particles are extruded into a continuous tubular object after heating. After being irradiated, it has the shrinking effect, and then the inner diameter of product is enlarged, and when the customer receives, it needs to be heated to shrink the inner diameter of the tube so that it fits on the surface of the quilt object, which is equivalent to covering the surface of the quilt object with an insulation layer to isolate the object from contact with the air and play an insulation protection role.

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