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PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve

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PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve

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The material composition of PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve: PVC is called polyvinyl chloride in Chinese, while PE is polyethylene; the price of PE polyethylene will also be higher than that of pvc polyvinyl chloride; in terms of heat resistance , traditional PE and PVC are not heat-resistant products, but the current improvement of PE heat-shrinkable sleeves makes PE heat-shrinkable sleeves better than pvc heat-shrinkable sleeves in heat resistance; and because of the lower price, PVC heat-shrinkable sleeves also make PVC heat-shrinkable sleeves. The use range of the tube is higher than that of the PE heat shrinkable sleeve; however, in terms of safety and environmental protection, PVC will release chlorine gas when heated because of chlorine, which will react with the water in the air to produce hydrogen chloride gas, which is toxic to the human body. And PE only contains two elements of hydrocarbon, so it is more environmentally friendly and safe in use.
The finished product of PE heat-shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat-shrinkable sleeve: The PE heat-shrinkable sleeve is made of polyolefin material, which can also be called EVA material. PE heat shrinkable sleeve: It has the functions of low temperature shrinkage, soft flame retardant, insulation and anti-corrosion. It is mostly used for insulation protection and sealing and anti-corrosion of various wiring harnesses and circuits, and anti-rust and anti-corrosion on the surface of metal objects. The high temperature resistance of the product generally does not exceed 135°, which conforms to the RoHS environmental protection standard. The material used for the PE heat shrinkable sleeve is in a glass state at room temperature, and becomes a highly elastic state after heating.
The PVC heat-shrinkable sleeve can be shrunk when heated above 98°C, which is more convenient to use than the pe heat-shrinkable sleeve. The temperature resistance of the products is mainly divided into two series: 85°C and 105°C, and the products comply with the EU RoHS environmental protection directive. For electrolytic capacitors, inductors. Single and combined packaging for various batteries. It is used for the outer covering of various curtain rods, shower curtain rods, hanging rods, mop rods, broom handles, tool rods, telescopic rods, garden tools, struts and other tubular items. It can also be used for the identification of low-voltage indoor busbar copper bars, joints, and wiring harnesses, as well as insulating outer cladding. It can also be used for lead wrapping of lighting, LED, etc., as well as wrapping of guitars and bottle mouths. It is a new generation of packaging materials. wider range of use.

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