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Cracked problems of heat shrink tube

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Cracked problems of heat shrink tube

Release date:2022-01-19 author:admin Click:

  Heat shrink tube can be considered as common product, most customers, once cracked problems of heat shrink tube occured, it will instinctively consider product quality problems, from consumer psychology, It can be understood.
  From the professional perspective, cracked problems of heat shrink tube, there are many reasons for this phenomenon. Once this problem occurs, customers should retain images or videos on site, and send them to manufacturers in the first time to confirm. If it is hard to judge, we should presence the product storage of problem ones and return heat shrink tube with cracked problems. After the analysis of professional production technicians, it is concluded.
  Cracked problems of heat shrink tube, the following two possibilities are available for reference.
  On one hand, it is the quality problem of heat shrink tube itself.
With the fierce market competition, rising raw material costs, the profit margin of heat shrink tube, etc., these factors affect product quality, more and more manufacturers engaged in the production of heat shrink tube, and on the market, the quality of this product is uneven, there are also some manufacturers in order to seize the market, cut the work, reduce the production and choose inferior raw materials , as a manufacturer, this is not advisable.
 On the other hand, cracked problems of heat shrink tube, which exists during operation, it is also the main reason for cracked problems of heat shrink tube.
 When cracked problems of heat shrink tube occurs, the first thing to confirm is product quality, but from the experience of conventional accumulation, most of them are caused by unreasonable operations. For example, heat shrink tube use for copper bars, which is the common use. In order to save costs, a part of customers will select heat shrink tube with the smaller diameter, reduce the space between the product the heat shrink tube, if the surface of copper bars are not smooth enough, while using, the inner wall of heat shrink tube is easily scratched. Once heated, it will occur cracked problems of heat shrink tube, customers need to pay attention to this aspect.

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