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The function and use of heat shrinkable cable caps

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The function and use of heat shrinkable cable caps

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Heat-shrinkable cable end caps are also called cable end caps, cable heat-shrinkable end caps, cable caps, head caps, and cable sealing caps. The opening of the cable cap is coated with high-performance hot-melt glue, the cable cap can shrink when heated, and the glue melts and tightly adheres to the surface of the cable. Provide sealing, waterproof, insulating and protective effects for power and control cable terminals. The spiral melt glue on the inner layer of the heat shrinkable cable end cap has excellent flexibility after shrinking. It is suitable for moisture-proof sealing protection of outdoor and underground cables with PVC, lead, or XLPE, power communication, and lighting line terminals. Heat-shrinkable cable end caps provide effective protection against oxidation, ozone, UV radiation, and more. The inner layer of hot melt adhesive provides sealing protection and is easy to install on the cable termination. The inner layer of hot melt adhesive ensures reliable sealing.
The cable heat shrink cap has good waterproofness and is widely used in the end treatment of power cables and communication cables. It can also be used in the end treatment and moisture-proof of street lamp connectors and low-voltage running cables. Ultraviolet radiation resistance, the inner surface of the product is coated with a layer of spiral hot melt adhesive, which has stronger moisture-proof and gas-retaining properties.
How to use the cable heat-shrinkable cap: 1. Put the cable heat-shrinkable cap on the end of the steel pipe, remove the foam powder and rust to ST3 level, and wipe the oily place with sand cloth. 2. Clean and brush the overlap between the large end of the heat shrinkable cable cap and the jacket. 3. Preheat the steel pipe and the roughened jacket part. (The preheating temperature should reach 50℃ without affecting the original anti-corrosion layer). 4. Put the heat-shrinkable cable cap into 5. Use a heater to heat and shrink the large end of the heat-shrinkable cable cap evenly around the circumference until the hot melt adhesive overflows. (If the temperature is high, there is slippage when heating the small head, you can cover it with a wet towel). The end of the heat shrink cable gland (where it is attached to the foam) must not be overheated. 6. Heat the small end of the heat shrinkable cable cap until the hot melt adhesive overflows. When the shrinkage is completed, roll the waterproof cap with a pressing stick. 7. After the construction is completed, there should be no bubbles, no surface carbonization and obvious wrinkles, all edges have glue overflow, and the bonding is firm.

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