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PVC heat shrinkable sleeve

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PVC heat shrinkable sleeve

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Physical and mechanical properties of PVC heat shrinkable sleeve:
1. Product appearance: smooth surface, uniform thickness, no obvious spots, no oil stains, impurities, or folding. 2. Specific gravity: 1.36.
3. Thermal shrinkage rate: tested at 100°C, the transverse shrinkage rate is 48±3%, and the longitudinal shrinkage rate is 12±3%, which can be close to the product. 4. Flexibility: After the packaging is shrunk, it will not crack after falling from a height of 1 meter to the cement floor from different directions vertically and horizontally three times. 5. Color: After the packaging shrinks, it will be stored at 30°C without fading, discoloration and other color changes. 6. Stretch: less than 2%. 7. Water absorption ≤0.5%. 8. Natural shrinkage: natural shrinkage ≤0.5% when stored in the environment at 30°C. 9. Resistivity ≥1×1015Ω/cm3 (normal temperature and relative humidity ≤65%).
PVC heat shrinkable sleeve product features
1. PVC heat-shrinkable sleeves are widely used in wine, food, sporting goods, disinfection tableware, electronic appliances, daily necessities, handicrafts, maintenance products, audio-visual products, medicines, stationery, toys, portals, plastic hardware, glass ceramics, etc. The packaging of various commodities makes their appearance more distinctive and beautiful, improves the product packaging grade, and protects the products from dust and flowers. It is an ideal film packaging material at present.

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