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Busbar protection box

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Busbar protection box

Release date:2022-04-11 author:admin Click:

Busbar protection box is actually made of heat shrink tube or busbar heat shrink sleeve. In simple terms, the tube is put on a specific mold, then it is placed in a heated oil pan to shrink and form tightly on the mold until it is cooled.
Advantages of busbar protection box, firstly, with good toughness, hydrophobicity, uv resistance, insulation, flame retardant, heat dissipation and carbon mark resistance. With advanced material and production technology, the busbar protection box has excellent heat dissipation performance and no obvious change in temperature after installation.
Advantages of busbar protection box, secondly, used for power equipment distribution transformer, arrester, outdoor switch, busbar terminal insulation safety protection, can effectively prevent exposed electrical equipment terminal, avoiding damages due to various reasons caused by power facilities and electric shock casualties.
Advantages of busbar protection box, thirdly, with excellent electrical performance, suitable for voltage grade of 35kv and below, flame retardant and various insulation protection. It solves the problem of high voltage insulation and effectively shortens the safety distance between the system phases.
Advantages of busbar protection box, fourth, it is a safety protection product with good electrical insulation and waterproof seal. It has the characteristics of easy installation, good environmental adaptability and long service life. It is mainly used for insulation protection and safety protection of busbar connection in power plant and substation. Avoid short circuit accident caused by foreign body lapping; Prevent electric shock, pollution and condensation flashover; Reduce the corrosion of conductive materials by air and harmful gas, extend the service life of electrical equipment.
That's all for the busbar protection box.

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