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Introduction of medium wall heat shrinkable tube

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Introduction of medium wall heat shrinkable tube

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Mid-wall heat shrink tube advantage details: mid-wall with rubber heat shrink tube is generally used in the insulation layer of low-voltage power engineering goods safety protection and communication equipment contradiction at the moisture-proof, mid-wall heat shrink tube cavity has coated spiral type, straight coated performance of hot melt adhesive, gathered with excellent sealing practical effect, with excellent insulation layer, sealing, waterproof, impact resistance and wear resistance. Mid-wall tube for electronic devices, power engineering and communication terminal equipment or is in the middle of the joint at the sealing fixed immobility and maintenance effectiveness, the cable line joint and terminal equipment has High-quality mechanical equipment maintenance characteristics, 3:1 shrinkage ratio convenient and quick to apply irregular shaped pieces and size larger joint.

The reason for the difference in price of medium wall heat shrinkable tubing
In fact, in the whole process of manufacturing, the medium wall heat shrinkable tube needs to be heated up to the specified high elasticity in different heat shrinkable tubes, and then the load will be released to assist the expansion of the heat shrinkable tube. And, in the manufacturing process, the raw material composition of the heat shrinkable tubing application is quite a large level of decision on its price.
In addition, although there are many manufacturers on the market today who manufacture medium-wall heat shrinkable tubing, the quality of the goods is quite different, which means that the price among them is very different. In addition, the model specifications, specifications, specifications and models of heat shrinkable tubing are multiple and varied, and can take into account the different requirements of everyone, of course, different model specifications, specifications of the price of heat shrinkable tubing are different.
In summary, the price of the wall heat shrinkable tube has certain elements of harm mainly contains the quality of the heat shrinkable tube itself, product specifications, specifications and even specifications, the application of raw materials, etc., they will prompt the price of heat shrinkable tube varies greatly, and different manufacturers of the tariff standards are different, so in order to ensure that they do not spend money on confusion, customers who have a need for the wall tube try to go to the source Factory and technically professional manufacturers to buy medium wall heat shrinkable tube.

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