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Cable insulation tube

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Cable insulation tube

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Cable, which is made of one or more mutually insulated conductors and an outer insulating protective layer, is a wire that transmits power or information from one place to another. It is a product often used in the power sector. Cable accessories belong to the supporting products of cables, including two types of cable intermediate connections and cable terminals. The cable insulation tube is one of the components of the complete set of cable accessories and is indispensable.
Cable insulation tube is relatively simple to use, and the product purpose is relatively single. It is used for cables. Customers who purchase cable insulation tube is mainly power supply departments and power companies. Of course, the product uses of insulation tubes , In addition to cables, it also includes some other places, even in daily life, can also be used.
According to the different raw materials, the cable insulation tube can be divided into PE and silicone rubber materials, which is what we called heat and cold shrinkable insulation tube. The former is more cost-effective and the latter is easy to use.
Heat shrinkable cable insulation tube. While using, it needs to be externally heated. It will shrink when it reaches a certain temperature, so as to cover and fit on the surface of the quilt; while cold shrink insulation tube is used, it is more convenient and does not need to be heated. It only needs to pull out the support bar inside the tube under natural conditions to complete the shrinking process.
Cable insulation tube, under different voltage levels, there are different options for use, as well as different product colors and lengths. 0.6/1kv cable insulation tube, whether it is heat or cold shrinkable, the colors are richer, including red, green, yellow, blue, etc., the ordinary heat shrinkable length is 60cm, cold shrinkable is 40cm, customers can choose by themselves; 8.7/15kv cable Insulation tube, heat shrinkable is reddish brown, cold shrinkable is gray, heat shrinkable length is 65cm, cold shrinkable is 40cm; 26/35kv cable insulation tube, the color is the same as 8.7/15kv, heat shrinkable length is 80cm, cold shrinkable is 50cm, This is also a common color type on the market, which can meet the needs of customers.

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