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The role of copper braid

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The role of copper braid

Release date:2022-05-14 author:admin Click:

Copper products in the electrical industry is an integral part of the copper braid as one of the high use of products, so what exactly is the role of the embodiment? Today we will learn about copper braid.

Copper braid as a conductor, the two ends of the copper tube, copper surface silver-plated treatment, joint size according to customer requirements supporting the production, and then through special treatment, made into a soft connection, soft grounding, high electrical conductivity, fatigue resistance, can be produced in full accordance with customer needs. Copper wire soft connection is used in high and low voltage electrical appliances, vacuum appliances, mining explosion-proof switches and automobiles, locomotives and related products for soft connection. It is made of bare copper wire or tinned copper wire braided by cold pressing method. It can be tin-plated or silver-plated according to user requirements. 

Copper braid soft connection is generally used for non-horizontal electrically charged movement and the use of low-voltage circuit breakers as electric power components. Copper braid, its primary electrical parameters for DC resistivity (20 ℃) not more than 0.022Ωmm2 / m, tin copper braid DC resistivity (20 ℃) not more than 0.0234Ωmm2 / m. Copper braid soft connection is widely used in the transmission and distribution lines, in this circuit equipment and non-linear connections can be seen everywhere: transmission and distribution lines from the step-down substation to send power to the distribution Transformer or distribution transformer power to the power-using units of the line called distribution lines. 

Advantage:Copper braid solves the shortcomings of traditional busbar such as easy heat generation and high energy consumption in the process of use, and has the characteristics of energy saving and consumption reduction, superb conductivity, long service life, maintenance-free, beautiful appearance and easy installation. The company adopts advanced atomic diffusion process, specializing in the production of various high and low voltage electrical equipment with soft connections, conductive tape, busbar expansion joints.

Product performance: high conductivity, flat and bright surface, good contact surface, superior conductivity. Strong applicability, good softness, easy installation, easy heat dissipation, bending resistance. 
Scope of application: mainly used for non-horizontal direction of the charged movement and medium and low voltage circuit breakers, suitable for a variety of high-voltage electrical appliances, vacuum appliances, mining explosion-proof switches and cars, locomotives, car batteries, power batteries and other related products do soft connection with. Widely used in generators, transformers, switches, busbars, industrial furnaces, rectification equipment, electrolytic smelting equipment, welding equipment and other high-current equipment to do flexible conductive connections. 

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