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10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories

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10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories

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Cold shrinkable cable accessories of Suzhou Feibo include 1kv, 10kv and 35kv cold shrinkable cable accessories. Here we will talk about one of these three of 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories.
10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories can also be called 8.7/15kv cold shrinkable cable accessories. For 10kv is the high-voltage cable accessories, it is divided into indoor and outdoor ones. Here we remind that indoor cold shrinkable cable terminal kits should not be used outdoors, such manipulation has certain risks.
Cold shrinkable products are made of silicone rubber materials. Because of its special production and processing technology, it has the following advantages.
1. 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories can be operated and constructed without using an open flame. During construction, the personnel only need to extract the white plastic support bar in the tube to complete the installation. 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories will quickly retract by virtue of their high elasticity, so that it can closely fit (according to the manufacturer's attached Installation instructions for installation).
2. Because 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories do not need to use open flames, it is suitable for places where open flames are prohibited, such as petroleum, chemical, mining and other areas.
3. The terminal body of 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories is matched with cold shrinkable finger sleeves, cold shrinkable insulation tubes and sealing tubes; and cold shrinkable cable intermediate connections adopts a three-layer waterproof sealing process, which has excellent sealing and moisture-proof performance. It also has the characteristics of anti-fouling, aging resistance, and good hydrophobicity, also with excellent corrosion resistance, cold resistance and UV resistance, and has stable long-term performance, which is suitable for high altitude, cold, humid, salt fog and heavily polluted areas.
4. 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories are convenient to install, have low technical dependence on operation, and are easy to master.

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