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How to choose the insulation tube

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How to choose the insulation tube

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      Today we will introduce the insulating tube, insulating tube according to the material can be divided into heat-shrinkable insulating tube and cold-shrinkable insulating tube.
       Let's talk about the insulating tube material of heat shrinkage insulating tube, heat shrinkage insulating tube is made of pe, eva, polyolefin and other materials after a series of processing technology, the finished product has the characteristics of heating to make it shrink by heat and closely wrapped in the set of objects. Because it is a heat shrink material products, so in its operation is required to use the heating tool.
      Speaking of using a heat gun to shrink the heat shrink insulation tube, let's talk about what we need to pay attention to when it is heated and shrunk. First of all, we have to check the object to ensure that the surface of the object is smooth and burr-free, as well as check how much heat-shrinkable insulating tube is used for the object. Then the heat-shrinkable insulating tube will be set on the object and adjusted to the position of its heating shrinkage. In the heating is to pay attention to is not the same location for a long time heating baking to prevent a long time local heat too high lead to heat shrinkage insulation tube rupture situation, the correct operation should be uniform and even speed back and forth moving the heat gun for heating baking.
      The previous section introduced the basic content of the heat shrinkable insulating tube and the matters that need attention when operating the heat shrinkable insulating tube. Next we talk about the cold shrink insulating tube, cold shrink insulating tube is made of silicone rubber material after a series of special processing technology, the finished product in use has a convenient, fast, do not need to use heating tools to operate the characteristics. The operation is simple: after the cold shrink insulating tube is set into the sleeve object and adjusted, gently extract the white plastic support strip inside the cold shrink insulating tube, the cold shrink insulating tube will rely on its own high elasticity to shrink and wrap around the sleeve object, and the cold shrink insulating tube can also be kept with the sleeve object - the cable The role of "breathing together".
      Because the cold shrinkage insulation tube material and heat shrinkage insulation tube material is different, so there are differences in price, cold shrinkage products will be more expensive than the price of heat shrinkage. So when choosing the product, both can be selected according to their needs.

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