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How to choose the number of cores of heat-shrinkable termina

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How to choose the number of cores of heat-shrinkable termina

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Heat-shrinkable terminals have been in high demand recently, and customers often ask how to go about looking at the number of cores of heat-shrinkable terminals. Today, I will briefly introduce. The core number of heat-shrinkable terminals is determined by the cable. The cable is in accordance with the number of wires wrapped inside the cable glue skin to divide the number of cores, a line is a core, the common two-core, three-core, four-core, six-core, etc..
1.two-core, is to control an electrical appliance, one is the fire wire, the other is the zero wire, the switch in the middle of the fire wire in series to turn on or off the power.
2.three cores, generally used for 380V power line, one is the zero wire, the remaining two are the fire wire, between the appliance and the power supply is controlled by three road switches or magnetic starter, mostly used for three-phase motor, or welding machine.

3.four-core, generally used for incoming power lines, one connected to the zero line, the other three were connected to the transformer's A, B, C fire line, A, B, C fire line, the end of all power consumption is roughly equal, so that the transformer output power smooth;.
4. six cores, generally commonly used in a place with little space, there are many appliances, so that he can control five appliances, multiple switches are connected in series on these five fire wires, five appliances common a zero line.

The color of each wire core is different, the purpose is for the convenience of wiring.
You can order different cores of heat-shrinkable terminals according to the corresponding needs, currently there are sufficient stocks of heat-shrinkable terminals, welcome to ask for quotation at any time.

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