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  • Heat shrink tube heating tools

    Heat shrink tube heating tools, which is an indispensable product during the heating process. Heat shrink tube needs to rely on external heating to complete the shrinking process. In theory, all tools that can generate heat can be used as he...
    Release time:2020-08-05   Click times:106

  • Yellow-green heat shrink tubing

    The main function of the yellow-green heat shrink tubing is the identification of the ground wire, and the second is the insulation, sealing and anticorrosion decoration. ...
    Release time:2020-08-01   Click times:81

  • Application of heat shrink tube

    Application of heat shrink tube mainly refers to the commonly uses of heat shrink tube. In the following, we will focus on the application of heat shrink tube from several aspects to let customers deepen their understanding....
    Release time:2020-07-29   Click times:160

  • Points to attention when testing heat shrinkable cable acces

    The quality of this product is related to the safety of your daily work and life and the safety of the installation staff. Therefore, cable accessories are generally required to be tested. Today, I will tell you the points of attention when ...
    Release time:2020-07-25   Click times:108

  • Heat shrink sleeve

    Heat shrink sleeve products can not only be used for insulation protection of wires and cables, but also for metal products. ...
    Release time:2020-07-22   Click times:191

  • Cold shrinkable cable accessories cannot completely replace

    Cold shrinkable cable accessories cannot completely replace heat shrinkable cable accessories...
    Release time:2020-07-21   Click times:159

  • Precautions when cutting heat shrinkable tube

    Many times when we buy the heat shrink tubing and use it, we will find that sometimes its length will be inappropriate, so we need to cut it, but we need to pay attention to If you don't pay attention, there will be a lot of troubles. So the...
    Release time:2020-07-17   Click times:99

  • Common problems of heat shrink tube

    Heat shrink tube seems to be simple to use, but it will inevitably cause some problems when used, especially when heat shrink tube is heated in large quantities, this problem is more likely to occur, so it is easy to affect the efficiency, s...
    Release time:2020-07-15   Click times:167

  • Heat shrink sleeve

    Due to the lack of knowledge about heat shrink sleeve, there are many misunderstandings when using heat shrink sleeve. These misunderstandings will cause damage to heat shrink sleeve and even cause accidents. In order to avoid these misunder...
    Release time:2020-07-08   Click times:113

  • Application of heat shrink tubing in daily life

    Application of heat shrink tubing in daily life. Heat shrink tubing can use on fix the iphone’s data cable. If the phone data cable used for a long time, will be damaged, you can use the heat shrinkable tube to repair it....
    Release time:2020-07-07   Click times:185

  • Pipeline anti-corrosion heat shrinkable tube

    The pipeline anti-corrosion heat shrinkable tube adopts polyolefin as the base material and various additives are added. After mixing and molding, the electron beam or CO60 is irradiated to break the carbon-hydrogen bond in the molecule, gen...
    Release time:2020-07-05   Click times:112

  • The role of busbar heat shrink tube

    The role of busbar heat shrink tube...
    Release time:2020-07-01   Click times:95

  • The development trend of medium and low voltage cable access

    It is not difficult to see from the above content that simplifying on-site installation, saving time and improving safety guarantee have occupied a very important position in the development trend of medium and low voltage cable accessories....
    Release time:2020-06-27   Click times:148

  • High pressure heat shrink tube

    High pressure heat shrink tube has become an indispensable part of life. ...
    Release time:2020-06-24   Click times:56

  • Failure analysis of the terminal

    The general influencing factors of terminal failures are mainly three points: poor contact, poor insulation and poor fixing. Today I will talk to you about the failure analysis of the terminal....
    Release time:2020-06-20   Click times:71

  • Advantages of double wall tube

    Double wall tube is one of the heat shrinkable series products. Compared with ordinary heat shrink tube, it has both similarities and obvious differences. Advantages of double wall tube are that ordinary heat shrink tube cannot be compared w...
    Release time:2020-06-17   Click times:121

  • How to use high temperature heat shrinkable tube

    how to use high temperature heat shrinkable tube? In order to let everyone have a better understanding and understanding of this, the following editor will introduce you to introduce this knowledge, I hope to help everyone....
    Release time:2020-06-12   Click times:143

  • Factors affecting the shrinking time of heat shrink tube

    Heat shrink tube can be used to heat and shrink the tool to protect the wire, and the shrink process is a gradual process. It takes a certain time to complete the shrinking....
    Release time:2020-06-10   Click times:85

  • Function Of Yellow-green Heat Shrink Tubing

    The yellow-green heat shrink tubing is one of the heat shrink tubing classification colors. We know that the standard color of the heat shrink tubing is black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, and transparent. In fact, yellow-green heat shri...
    Release time:2020-06-08   Click times:75

  • Middle wall heat shrinkable tube

    The middle wall heat shrinkable tube is relatively the thin wall heat shrinkable tube. As the name suggests, it is a medium wall thick heat shrinkable sleeve. ...
    Release time:2020-06-06   Click times:88

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