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  • Single wall heat shrinkable tube

    The single wall heat shrinkable tube is relative to the double wall tube. If there is no hot-melt adhesive, it is the single wall heat shrinkable tube, which is the common heat shrinkable tube....
    Release time:2019-01-31   Click times:195

  • Cable terminal manufacturer

    Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold shrinkable products Co., Ltd. is a cable terminal manufacturer, of course, Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold shrinkable products Co., Ltd. besides the production of cable terminal also produced 1kv heat shrink tube, 10kv ...
    Release time:2019-01-30   Click times:90

  • The color of heat shrinkable sleeve

    The color of heat shrinkable sleeve--Suzhou Feibo Heat And Cold Shrinkable Products Co.,Ltd....
    Release time:2019-01-29   Click times:77

  • Suzhou heat shrink tubing manufacturers

    Suzhou heat shrink tubing manufacturers--Suzhou Feibo Heat And Cold Shrinkable Products Co.,Ltd....
    Release time:2019-01-28   Click times:94

  • 1kv cable termination

    Today we talk about 1kv cable terminations. The 1kv cable termination is also the low voltage cable termination. 1kv cable terminations can be divided into 1kv cold-shrink cable terminations and 1kv heat-shrinkable cable terminations....
    Release time:2019-01-26   Click times:74

  • 35kv heat shrinkable terminal

    The heat shrinkable terminal can be divided into a 1kv heat shrinkable terminal , a 10kv heat shrinkable terminal, and a 35kv heat shrinkable terminal according to the withstand voltage level....
    Release time:2019-01-25   Click times:95

  • Cold shrinkable insulation tube

    In the past few years, the proportion of cable accessories for cold shrinkable materials has increased, which has become another important organizational part of the sales of Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. So today ...
    Release time:2019-01-24   Click times:115

  • Silicone rubber cold shrink tube

    In addition to heat shrinkable tubes and heat shrinkable cable accessories, Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. also produces cold shrinkable cable accessories such as silicone rubber cold shrink tube....
    Release time:2019-01-23   Click times:103

  • Russian customer visiting

    Russian customer visiting--Suzhou Feibo Heat And Cold Shrinkable Products Co.,Ltd....
    Release time:2019-01-22   Click times:73

  • The quality of Feibo

    The quality of Feibo--Suzhou Feibo Heat And Cold Shrinkable Products Co.,Ltd....
    Release time:2019-01-21   Click times:205

  • Shrinkage ratio of the heat shrinkable tube

    A heat-shrinkable tube is a tube that shrinks when heated. In our industry, the low-pressure heat-shrink tubing is called a thin tube, and the high-pressure heat-shrink tubing is called a busbar heat-shrinkable tube or a busbar heat-shrinkab...
    Release time:2019-01-19   Click times:189

  • Heat-shrinkable cable terminal

    Xiaobian is here today to talk to you about the heat-shrinkable cable terminal. The heat shrink cable terminal is also referred to as a heat shrink cable termination. It is one of the heat shrinkable cable accessories....
    Release time:2019-01-18   Click times:171

  • Rationally choose and purchase cold and heat shrink cable ac

    The quality of cold and heat shrink cable accessories in the market is not uniform, because of raw materials and manufacturing technology, the price is also very different, so the majority of customers need to rationally choose and purchase ...
    Release time:2019-01-17   Click times:182

  • How to store heat shrinkable cable accessories

    These agent dealers usually pick up certain stocks to facilitate local daily sales. Today we will discuss how to store the heat shrinkable cable accessories on a daily basis....
    Release time:2019-01-16   Click times:204

  • High voltage terminals

    High voltage terminals--Suzhou Feibo Heat And Cold Shrinkable Products Co.,Ltd....
    Release time:2019-01-15   Click times:193

  • Low voltage terminals

    Low voltage terminals, one of main products of Suzhou Feibo, with stable performance and high quality....
    Release time:2019-01-14   Click times:131

  • Custom heat shrink tubing

    I don't know if you have seen the film directed by Feng Xiaogang - private customization. Released in 2013. Stars are gathered. Do you wonder if the privately-customized film has anything to do with the topic we are going to introduce today ...
    Release time:2019-01-12   Click times:123

  • Small-sized low-pressure heat-shrinkable tube

    The small-sized low-pressure heat-shrinkable tube is also a heat-shrinkable tube with a relatively small specification and a low voltage rating. Because Suzhou Feibo Cold and Heat Shrink Products Co., Ltd. has more varieties and specificatio...
    Release time:2019-01-11   Click times:66

  • How to distinguish the quality of heat shrinkable tubes

    some manufacturers of heat shrinkable tubes even sell the tubes of poor quality at the price of high quality products. Unknowing customers still think they have bought good quality products. So How to distinguish the quality of heat shrinkab...
    Release time:2019-01-10   Click times:194

  • Busbar protection box

    Busbar protection box is the heat shrink busbar wiring protection box. After looking at the product’s name, you can know that this product can protect the copper row. ...
    Release time:2019-01-09   Click times:72

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