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  • cold shrink terminal

    The cold shrink terminal head is formed by vulcanizing the silicone rubber material of the elastic body, and then it is expanded and then lined with a plastic rotating support bar. When it is used, the support bar can be automatically retrac...
    Release time:2019-12-23   Click times:83

  • Red heat shrink tube

    Today, we continue to deepen our customers' understanding of heat shrink tube from the perspective of heat shrink tube color. There are many colors for heat shrink tube, which are divided into colorful and black one. Red heat shrink tube is ...
    Release time:2019-12-18   Click times:108

  • 10kv Heat-shrinkable cable head

    the 10kv heat-shrinkable cable head of Suzhou Feibo Cold and Heat Shrinking Products Co., Ltd....
    Release time:2019-12-16   Click times:214

  • Which brand of heat shrink tube is better

    Many customers who want to purchase heat shrink tube, or customers who are new to this industry and are not very clear about this product, may have doubts: "Which brand of heat shrink tube is better". ...
    Release time:2019-12-11   Click times:130

  • Advantages and disadvantages of cold shrink cable accessorie

    Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of cold shrink cable accessories....
    Release time:2019-12-04   Click times:168

  • How to choose a cold shrink cable accessory

    Today we talk about how to choose a cold shrink cable accessory....
    Release time:2019-11-29   Click times:80

  • Heat and Cold shrink intermediate connection

    Here we are talking about heat and cold shrink intermediate connection, which has two kinds of cold shrink intermediate connection and heat shrink intermediate connection....
    Release time:2019-11-20   Click times:172

  • Sales plan for the Vietnamese market

    the international transportation cost per transaction is relatively high. So how do we deal with this situation? Today, I will tell you about Suzhou Feibo’s sales plan for the Vietnamese market....
    Release time:2019-11-15   Click times:190

  • Heat shrink tube with glue

    Heat shrink tube with glue means that the inner wall of our heat shrink tube is provided with a layer of glue....
    Release time:2019-11-13   Click times:108

  • Heat shrinkable tube production equipment

    As a manufacturer with rich production experience, Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. has its own heat shrinkable tube production equipment. It was recently purchased by Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co...
    Release time:2019-11-08   Click times:231

  • 35kv terminal cable

    Today we are going to introduce the 35kv terminal cable, and the 35kv terminal cable also can be called 35kv cable termination....
    Release time:2019-11-07   Click times:141

  • Middle wall heat shrinkable tube

    Radiation cross-linked middle wall heat shrinkable tubes with glue are usually used for insulation protection of medium and low-voltage power products and waterproofing of communication products....
    Release time:2019-11-01   Click times:122

  • Common problems of cold shrink cable accessories

    When producing cold shrink products, they only approximate the quality of the products, which leads to confusion in some prices and quality in the market. Today I will talk to you about the common problems of cold shrink cable accessories....
    Release time:2019-10-25   Click times:117

  • Heat shrink products

    In previous articles, we have introduced heat shrink products such as heat shrink tubing and cable accessories, today we will give a general overview of this....
    Release time:2019-10-23   Click times:206

  • Low voltage cold shrink cable accessories

    Today we talk about the low voltage cold shrink cable accessories in the cold cable accessories, which can also be called 1kv cold cable accessories. ...
    Release time:2019-10-18   Click times:110

  • Cold shrink cable termination kit

    Cold shrink cable termination kit--Suzhou Feibo Heat And Cold Shrinkable Products Co.,Ltd....
    Release time:2019-10-16   Click times:89

  • 35KV terminal installation book

    By reference 2 each with four sets of the heat shrinkage fixing hole sheds, outdoor installing head completed. ...
    Release time:2019-10-14   Click times:126

  • Composite insulated heat shrinkable tape

    Composite insulated heat shrinkable tape, also known as heat shrinkable cladding tape, is composed of a heat-shrinkable heat-shrinkable material and a hot-melt adhesive layer....
    Release time:2019-10-04   Click times:173

  • Busbar protection box

    Busbar protection box is used for the electrical node. Its appearance is similar to a small box, including type I, L, T, etc. The voltage withstand grade is 1kv, 10kv and 35kv, and the types are single-layer, double-layer and three-layer....
    Release time:2019-09-25   Click times:123

  • Two-color heat shrink tube

    Two-color heat shrink tube is also counted as one of many colors, showing a stripe-like distribution....
    Release time:2019-09-18   Click times:127

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