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  • Transparent heat shrinkable tube

    Transparent heat shrinkable tube, in fact, is also one of the many heat shrinkable tube colors, but this color is relatively special, just like water, showing colorless transparent shape. ...
    Release time:2021-11-03   Click times:142

  • Flame retardant heat shrinkable tube

    Flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, in fact, is also a kind of heat shrinkable tube.  Compared with the conventional heat shrinkable tube, the flame retardant effect is increased, which is welcomed by some customers....
    Release time:2021-10-20   Click times:83

  • Rubber containing heat shrinkable tube

    The heat shrinkable tube with glue is what we often call the heat shrinkable tube with glue. It can also be called double wall tube. It can also be regarded as a more common product. The difference between the heat shrinkable tube with glue...
    Release time:2021-10-13   Click times:133

  • Roles of hot melt adhesive inside middle wall heat shrink tu

    There are many types of heat shrink tube, also many classifications due to application scope, product wall thickness differences or performance characteristics. Middle wall heat shrink tube, is one of our products....
    Release time:2021-10-06   Click times:158

  • Use of heat shrink tube

    Today we talk about the use of heat shrink tube. Before introducing, let’s talk about heat shrink tube first, which is made of PE, EVA and other materials through a series of processing techniques. The finished products need to be heated a...
    Release time:2021-09-30   Click times:138

  • The color heat-shrinkable insulating tube

    The color heat-shrinkable insulating tubes of Suzhou Fibo can be divided into three types according to the voltage level: 1 kV, 10 kV and 35 kV. ...
    Release time:2021-09-30   Click times:167

  • The pressure rating of heat shrink tube

    The pressure rating of heat shrink tube refers to the voltage that the heat shrink tube can withstand, and it is also an aspect that must be considered when the heat shrink tube is purchased....
    Release time:2021-09-23   Click times:79

  • Zipper heat shrinkable tube

    Zipper heat shrinkable tube, also known as cable repair sheet, is mainly used to quickly repair the damaged parts of the cable sheath insulation layer, and can seal and insulate the damaged cable outer insulation layer. ...
    Release time:2021-09-23   Click times:138

  • Price of cold shrink cable accessories

    Today we talk about price of cold shrink cable accessories, and many customers may know this aspect....
    Release time:2021-09-16   Click times:191

  • PE heat-shrinkable tubing

    PE heat-shrinkable tubing is not only used in cable power, it also has this wide range of applications in other aspects. For example, the badminton racket handle is covered with a protective tube....
    Release time:2021-09-14   Click times:138

  • Introduction of cold shrink cable terminal kits

    Introduction of cold shrink cable terminal kits, before talking about this product, let’s introduce our company first. ...
    Release time:2021-09-11   Click times:141

  • PVC heat shrinkable tube and PE heat shrinkable tube

    According to different materials, it can be divided into pvc heat shrinkable tube and pe heat shrinkable tube ....
    Release time:2021-09-08   Click times:177

  • Cold and heat shrinkable insulation tubes

    Today we are talking about cold and heat shrinkable insulation tubes. According to the withstand voltage level, cold and heat shrinkable insulation tubes of Suzhou Feibo can be divided into 1kv, 10kv and 35kv tubes. Applicable ranges are dif...
    Release time:2021-09-02   Click times:73

  • reasons for the failure of the cable accessories

    Cable accessories have a wide range of applications in electricity. We often receive feedback from customers about cable accessory failures. What are the reasons for the failure of the cable accessories?...
    Release time:2021-09-01   Click times:195

  • High-voltage cold shrinkable cable accessories

    High-voltage cold shrinkable cable accessories can be divided into two types of 10kv and 35kv. Here we will briefly introduce high-voltage cold shrinkable cable accessories....
    Release time:2021-08-26   Click times:100

  • Use of heat shrinkable tube

    Heat shrinkable tube is now a kind of protective sleeve commonly used in all walks of life. It has the function of shortening when heat is encountered. Compared with electrical tape, it has longer service life, durable and stable performanc...
    Release time:2021-08-26   Click times:66

  • Cold-shrinkable cable accessory product installation tips

    Cold-shrinkable cable accessory product installation tips:When using cold-shrinkable products, because the support bar has solder joints, the function of this solder joint is to prevent the support from dispersing, so you can dispose of th...
    Release time:2021-08-25   Click times:76

  • Heat shrinkable terminal kits

    Heat shrinkable terminal kits, as the name implies, is the heat shrinkable cable terminal heads, below, we will introduce the basic content of heat shrinkable terminal kits in details....
    Release time:2021-08-19   Click times:134

  • The cold-shrinkable insulation tube

    The cold-shrinkable insulation tube is a tubular cable accessory that uses a special cold-shrinking technology....
    Release time:2021-08-18   Click times:140

  • Cold shrinkable cable accessories

    Today we will talk about the content of cold shrinkable cable accessories, which we have mentioned many times before....
    Release time:2021-08-14   Click times:117

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