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Add:No. 2848,Jinxin Road, Jinjiaba Town, Wujiang District of Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province, China


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  • Suzhou FeiBo And Alibaba

    Suzhou FeiBo And Alibaba...
    Release time:2017-07-25   Click times:236

  • The reasons of Suzhou Feibo’s popular

    Today's society, do every line is not easy, the line can be a champion, a business, or an individual, Suzhou FeiBo’s successful, can not do without our people to pay....
    Release time:2017-07-20   Click times:209

  • Features of heat shrinkable tube

    Our company,Suzhou Feibo, have been committed to the production and sales of heat and cold shrinkable tube....
    Release time:2017-06-15   Click times:99

  • Heat Shrink Tube Manufacturers

    a local business, relying on superior geographical advantages and staff common Efforts to collaborate, in just a few years we have quickly grown into a small well-known heat shrinkable tube manufacturers....
    Release time:2017-06-11   Click times:154

  • FeiBo future development

    The company since its establishment, currently,the development is good and stable. At the same time, we are looking forward to the future development of Suzhou FeiBo with lots of longings....
    Release time:2017-06-09   Click times:178

  • Kinds of Heat Shrinkable Tube

    Now heat shrinkable tube is widely used in our life,we can see the tube anywhere, to use heat shrinkable tube well, we must know the basic performance and parameters . ...
    Release time:2017-06-07   Click times:143

  • The Color Of The Heat Shrink Tube

    Customers in the purchase of heat shrink tube, the first introduction of the eye is the color, followed by other factors , including touch smoothness, the use of the ability to shrink, etc....
    Release time:2017-06-07   Click times:165

  • Company Honor

    In the years since the establishment of the company, there have been ups and downs, and finally to a bright future, the company honor is a good proof....
    Release time:2017-06-07   Click times:123

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